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Update to award-winning Deus Ex: The Fall fixes enemy AI, iPad 2 compatibility
by Matthew Diener 6/8/2013
Product: Deus Ex: The Fall
Developer: Eidos-Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: RPG, Shooter
The Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning shooter Deus Ex: The Fall won over a lot of mobile gamers last month, but it also left a great many wanting.

Like those with iPad 2's, for example, who were told by Square Enix and Eidos that the game required an iPad 3 or better to run properly.

That decision has since been reversed with an update, and now those with a circa 2011 iPad can enjoy Deus Ex just like those with jailbroken devices can.

But the real joy of the 1.0.4 update is that it also tweaked the enemy AI to make them a bit less oblivious.

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Many players were critical of the enemy behaviour in Deus Ex: The Fall since enemies would quickly lose track of you once you hid from them.

One of our readers, AppFreak, said he was particularly "disappointed with dumb enemy AI" - and update 1.0.4 looks to fix this. According to the official release notes, Deus Ex: The Fall received a "Major update to the A.I. meaning that enemies do not lose sight of the player."

The final update to Deus Ex: The Fall is an obligatory miscellaneous bug fix that addresses some known crash bugs.
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