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Android shooter Dead on Arrival 2 finally surfaces on iOS
by Harry Slater 12/11/2013
Product: Dead on Arrival 2
Publisher: N3V Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Shooter
N3V Games's top-down zombie shooter sequel Dead on Arrival 2 has just shambled across the great smartphone platform divide.

Put simply, this gory zombie-slaughtering Android blaster is now available on iOS, too.

Thanks to the game's two- to four-player co-operative multiplayer, you can team up with your friends to cut down waves of the undead together. There's also a single-player campaign here... just in case you were worried.

Dead on Arrival 2 is free to download, so if you fancy using a variety of weapons and traps to squish and slash the zombie horde, you can grab it from the App Store for nowt right now.

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