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Damn Little Town
Planning for the end of the world
by Jon Mundy 18/6/2014
Product: Damn Little Town
Developer: Lumarama
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Card/ board game, Puzzle, Strategy
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Which UK towns would do best in a catastrophic event? Which would do worst?

Milton Keynes would be a relative cinch to get out of thanks to its US-like grid system.

On the other hand, the citizens of Tunbridge Wells, with its one main road in and out, would be screwed.

It's an odd thing to ponder, I grant you, but then Damn Little Town makes you think in such worst-case-scenario terms.

Phases set to run

Though it's a simple-looking tile-based boardgame, Damn Little Town is all about helping your citizens to escape on the eve of the apocalypse. ...
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A sparse quick-fire boardgame with plenty of interesting ideas, Damn Little Town is just a little too punishing for its own good
Audio/visual: 5
Gameplay: 6
Value: 7
Innovation: 7
Overall: 6
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