Curiosity - what's inside the cube
I hope it's a monkey
By Harry Slater 06 November 2012
Game Name: Curiosity - what's inside the cube | Developer: 22Cans | Publisher: 22Cans | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: 3D, Casual, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Simulation, Virtual Pet/ Toy | Players: 1 | Networking: wireless (adhoc) | Version: Europe
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I'm the 5,322nd person to download and play Curiosity. I know, because 22Cans's first experimental foray into the App Store tells me when I load it up. It's all part of the smoke and mirrors surrounding the game - another distraction, another line of questions.

Are the 5,321 other people already chipping away at the cube my allies or my enemies? Only one person can find out what's lying in the centre of the black shape that constitutes the entire Curiosity experience, after all.

So I start to dig. It's a simple, repetitive action that rewards me with chimes, and the occasional coin to add to my coffers, all in the name of some far off, probably unreachable goal. And all around me others are doing exactly the same.
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It's difficult to put a numerical score to an experience like Curiosity, but it deserves to be experienced by as many people as possible
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