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Crazy Raider
Mad rush
by Jon Mundy 7/3/2013
Product: Crazy Raider
Developer: Tuokio
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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The new Tomb Raider reboot has been all over the press recently for its brave reinvention of a '90s cultural icon.

Crazy Raider's Stogie is another kind of reimagined tomb raider entirely. He's a big ugly lunk who shoots first, loots second, and asks questions, well, never.

Unfortunately, Crazy Raider's gameplay is as prosaic as its protagonist.

Tomb invader

Deposited in the middle of a compact Egyptian-themed arena, you're soon assailed from all sides by a variety of shuffling mummies. Fortunately, you have a very big gun and unlimited ammo. ...
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An enjoyably frantic arcade collect-'em-up, Crazy Raider is just too slight an experience with too simple a combat system to warrant prolonged play
Audio/visual: 6
Gameplay: 6
Value: 6
Innovation: 6
Overall: 6
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