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8 mobile games that will make you forget that Red Dead Redemption 2 exists

Rootin' tootin'
Product: Colt Express | Publisher: Asmodee Digital | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Steam | Genre: Card/ board game
The buzz around the internet over the past few days has been focused on Red Dead Redemption 2. A new trailer came out, everyone went 'oooh that's nice', and now the steam-powered hype train is rushing through the frontier faster than the rail road can be built. Or something like that.

But we don't care about console games here at Pocket Gamer. We care about games you can fit inside your pocket. So I thought I'd write up a list of the mobile games that might scratch your Red Dead Redemption 2 itch. Got your own suggestions? Hurl them in the comments at the bottom of the article then.

2-Bit Cowboy - download for iOS / Android

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be so chock full of bits that it's likely you won't be able to count them all in your lifetime. 2-Bit Cowboy on the other hand has two. It turns out that's all you need to make a charming platforming adventure featuring stetsons and handguns.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- download for iOS / Android

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There are plenty of Rockstar games on the various app stores nowadays, but this is the most impressive of them. It still pretty much stands up, even after all these years, and while mobile might not be the best place to play it, the open-world crime adventure is still an incredible blast on touchscreen.

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Space Marshals 2 - download for iOS / Android

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If there's one thing that can make cowboys cooler, it's space. And, as you might be able to tell from the title of this one. Space Marshals 2 adds it with aplomb. This is a brilliant mix of strategy, stealth, and shooting, and it's got enough cowboy hats, cowboy moustaches, and cowboy vests to really sate your overwhelming need for cowboys.

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Six-Guns - download for iOS / Android

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It wouldn't really be a list of mobile games that are like console games if it didn't include something made by Gameloft now would it? Sure it's derivative, and it's pretty old as well, but when it comes down to it this is as close as you're going to get to playing RDR2 on your phone. So get it if you want to do that.

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Oil - download for iOS

This one's set in the wild west, and while it might not have any guns, or a story, or any horses, or an open world, or really anything that could tie it in with Red Dead Redemption, I quite like it. And since I'm writing this list, you're just going to have to accept my wishes and deal with it as you see fit.

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Infinite West - download for iOS / Android

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A game that takes the shape of Squeenix's Go series, shakes it about for a while, throws in some pistols and bandits, and comes out with something pretty cool. It's a bit finicky in places, and there are a few niggles that keep it from true greatness, but to be honest it's still well worth checking out. And there are plenty of hats too.

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Timber West - download for iOS / Android

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A gallery shooter that sees you taking pot shots at a variety of cowpokes, stagecoach robbers, and generally bad people. Well, I assume they're bad people. Maybe you're the bad person, on an insane rampage through the wild west in order to sate your blood lust? Either way it's alright, and surprisingly challenging too.

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Colt Express
- download for iOS / Android

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Rob a train. But rob it in a turn-based board game with plenty of awesome twists. Colt Express looks great, it plays great, and while its action might not be the sort you'd expect to see in RDR2, there's enough true grit and fistfuls of dollars that it manages to capture the feel of the old west pretty well.

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Harry Slater 8 May 2018
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