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Apple giving Bronze Award-winning puzzler Color Zen away for nowt in new Apple Store app promotion
by Chris Priestman 2/8/2013
Product: Color Zen
Developer: Large Animal Games
Publisher: Large Animal Games
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Puzzle
In an effort to encourage more iOS users to download and make use of its Apple Store iOS app, Apple is now featuring promotional downloads in the application itself.

The first game in this new promotion is Large Animal Games's Bronze Award-winning minimalist puzzle game Color Zen.

So, how exactly do you go about claiming your free game, huh?

Make a splash

Well, boot up that aforementioned first-party Apple Store application, scroll down to a new promo banner entitled "A game for you. On us.", and click on it. You should be whisked off to a splash screen for the Color Zen promotion.

If that doesn't work, select the 'Stores' tab from the bottom of the app. The same splash screen as above should pop up. You can then download the game from there.

This Color Zen promotion will run until August 27th. What'll be next, eh? A book, a movie, an album, another game? I simply cannot wait to find out.

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