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6 top Clash Royale alternatives for mobile

Worthy tributes to Supercell's classic
Product: Clash Royale | Publisher: Supercell | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
It's a common mobile gaming trend to see dozens of copies, clones, and tributes following in the wake of a particularly successful game.

It happened with Canabalt, Flight Control, and Clash of Clans to name but three examples. Now it's happening with Clash Royale.

There's a whole stack of Clash Royale-a-likes both on the App Store and in the pipeline. Some of them are rotten, some of them are actually pretty darned good, and others are looking very promising indeed.

Many people will grumble at this state of affairs, but it's possible to put a positive spin on it. If you really liked Clash Royale, but have perhaps overdosed on its charms, there are a handful of ready-made alternatives out there for you.

Here are six available Clash Royale alternatives that range in quality from decent to throne-grabbingly brilliant.

Titanfall: Assault

At first glance, Titanfall: Assault doesn't look anything like Clash Royale. In fairness to Nexon, it plays quite differently in many respects too.

But at its heart, the game has a similar mix of timed unit spawning and tactical base assaults along limited pathways. It's just that those units are often stomping mechs, and the battlefield is an isometric 3D affair. This one takes the strategic scope of Clash Royale to another level.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Not many Clash Royale-like games can match Supercell's level of polish, balance and skill. In fact, there's probably only one out there at present: Plants vs Zombies Heroes.

Besides looking great, Plants vs Zombies Heroes stands out because it's really as much indebted to Hearthstone and the like as it is to Clash Royale. However, by working the lane-defence angle in from the original Plants vs Zombies it becomes an engaging parallel experience to Supercell's smash.

Wagers of War

The makers of Wagers of War have clearly played a lot of Clash Royale - seriously, check out those fonts - but by stirring in a healthy smattering of Hearthstone it somehow feels fresh.

Here you're laying down playing cards instead of military units, but there's a familiar pattern of attack and defend that fans of Supercell's hit will instantly warm to.

Titan Brawl

Titan Brawl takes a similarly colourful two lane, hero-card-driven approach to Clash Royale. But the action is more overtly related to classic MOBAs, and the view has been rotated 90 degrees, too.

The result of these tweaks is that Titan Brawl has more than enough of its own flavour to be worthy of a try, even if you've rinsed Clash Royale.

Battle Islands: Commander

Okay, so we weren't exactly glowing about Battle Islands: Commander in our review. But it's a perfectly competent Clash Royale copy with one distinguishing attribute.

By laying on a World War II veneer, Battle Islands: Commander will instantly be more appealing to a large portion of gamers who simply don't get on with the fantasy/medieval setting of the original.

SIEGE: Titan Wars

SIEGE: Titan Wars is another Clash Royale-inspired game that didn't rock our world, but might well brighten yours - despite its generic fantasy art style and general lack of a wow factor.

The main twist here is that there's just a single lane on a much longer battlefield, making for much more frenetic action. Still, Clash Royale's influence is clear to see.


Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy 23 August 2017
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