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Chillingo: 'We've got a Rolando killer with a 3D twist'

And it'll be out for iPhone AND WiiWare

Product: Chillingo news | Manufacturer: Chillingo
Chillingo news iPhone, thumbnail 1
iPhone games publisher Chillingo says it plans to make the most of the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software, and has revealed details of some truly exciting-sounding games.

"We have several titles in the works that will use iPhone 3.0 in-app purchasing, including several multiplayer games where you'll be able to purchase new characters and equipment," director Chris Byatte tells Pocket Gamer.

"Plus we have a simultaneous release lined up for WiiWare and iPhone - a true Rolando killer with a 3D twist - it will include the ability to purchase new worlds. We also have several multiplayer games in the pipeline that will make full use of the excellent push notification 3.0 technology."

We can't wait, and it's interesting to see a company like Chillingo spreading its wings beyond iPhone. However, in the shorter term, Byatte is as excited about upcoming iPhone releases Knights Onrush and Circuit Strike.One.

"We're having a blast with the iPhone - at last a genuinely exciting game platform has risen from the mobile industry ashes," he says.

"We're working with a large number of studios to bring truly innovative titles to iPhone. Circuit Strike.One is just a few weeks away from release. It's an incredible title, built from the ground up by the very talented H.Grenade studios. Get ready for some eye-splitting bullet-time vector based fun. There's nothing like it so far - it's a genre-defining project."

Byatte admits that the App Store is a hugely competitive environment right now for publishers, and is only going to become more so in the months ahead.

However, he's confident that Chillingo can ensure its games aren't buried beneath the crowd. "The job of the publisher is to cut through the clutter through well managed pre-launch, launch and post-launch plans," he says.

"As an example, WiiWare game Toki Tori is coming to iPhone in a deluxe version which is already getting rave previews. We're about to launch a competition to give away figurines of Toki Tori."

As an iPhone publisher, Chillingo is talent-spotting developers constantly, and Byatte says submissions are "coming thick and fast", with polish and innovation the key factors he's looking for before signing a deal.

He cites another upcoming title, Underground, as an example. "It's a unique blend of formats: a horror/graffiti/shooter interwoven with surreal cut-scenes, all packaged up into a stunning game with its own unique identity."

However, as that WiiWare/iPhone game mentioned earlier in this interview shows, Chillingo isn't just focused on iPhone and the App Store. How about other mobile platforms like Android, N-Gage and BlackBerry?

"We have titles lined up for all the new app stores," says Byatte. "That said it's clear that Apple has the lead right now - the other players will need to run fast in order to catch up."

Reviewer photo
Stuart Dredge 1 May 2009
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Anonymous | 18:21 - 1 May 2009
No one wants to py for more levels, so why are you so excited about it? Rolando has so many new levels and all are FREE.