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Crush humanity in cutesy arcade game Captain Bubblenaut for iPhone
by Chris Priestman 18/9/2013
Product: Captain Bubblenaut
Developer: Dean Tate & Owen Macindoe
Publisher: Dean Tate & Owen Macindoe
Format: iPhone
Genre: Action, Arcade
Living with a homicidal war hero father must be hard.

Just ask Captain Bubblenaut, who views Planet Erf (a.k.a. Earth) as something to destroy in order to make his father, Admiral Pop, proud.

As you'd expect in a game about killing humans en masse, Captain Bubblenaut is presented in a cute fashion. It makes killing members of your own species easier to accept that way.

It's easy to do, too. Just use your finger to slide the terrain across the screen so that Captain Bubblenaut can roll over the bumps and crush different types of Erflings (a.k.a. humans) as he travels.

Captain Bubblenaut appeared on our radar last month on account of it being crafted by the brains behind games such as BioShock and Dance Central.

Chris Remo (Thirty Flights of Loving, Gone Home) and Danny Baranowsky (Canabalt, Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac) are also on board the Captain Bubblenaut ship providing music and sounds.

More exciting than even that, though, Captain Bubblenaut is now available for iPhone from the App Store. It's priced £1.49 / $1.99.
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