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Bloons Tower Defense popping over to App Store

The monkey’s still sharp

Product: Bloons TD | Developer: Digital Goldfish | Genre: Action, Puzzle
For: iPhone   Also on: PSP
Bloons TD iPhone, thumbnail 1
Still riding high in the Top 100 - despite being released in April - the dart-throwing monkey star of web game Bloons is preparing for more balloon-popping.

Bloons Tower Defense is in the final stages of development at Dundee developer Digital Goldfish, with a September release date pencilled in.

As the name suggests, the game is a Bloons-themed version of tower defence, in which you place various monkey-based dart-throwing units to pop chains of balloons as they make their way around track-based levels.

Based on the Flash web game, this iPhone and iPod touch version has been redesigned so the previously square maps fit on the touchscreen.

The user interface has been tweaked, with unit selection contained in left and right tower stacks that expand out when you touch them. You simply tap on any unit to upgrade it.

There are also two different control methods for placing units: a standard drag and drop option and a drop and lock, which provides more fine control when you need to place units with extra precision.

The game will come with six maps from the original web game and nine new maps. These are arranged in themes such as snow, racing and beach. Each map contains 50 levels of bloon popping-fun, and three difficulty levels.

Your units include such powerful simians as the laser and plasm-firing super monkeys.

The balloon types get harder to pop as you encounter lead balloons that can only be popped using special cannon units. Balloons are always embedded within balloons as well, so popping anything other than the basic balloon will just release more balloons.

"It has been really difficult keeping this one quiet," says Digital Goldfish MD David Hamilton.

"We signed the deal with Ninja Kiwi a while back and we've both been receiving a lot of requests for Bloons Tower Defense ever since Bloons was released. I'm glad we're finally at the stage where we can let people know that this is coming. Trust me. It's been worth the wait. The game is looking and playing really well."

Bloons Tower Defense
is due for release during September.

Reviewer photo
Jon Jordan 17 August 2009
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Anonymous | 06:06 - 26 September 2009
Im so excited i just rehacked my ipod touch first gen and i cant wait to DL it it should be out any day cause its in the apple que line!
Anonymous | 13:03 - 17 August 2009
Absolutely fantastic news, the Md keeping things quiet !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous | 12:22 - 17 August 2009
Holy Camoly Batman this has just made my day actually year! :D