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Vampire face-off
by Jon Mundy 26/7/2013
Product: Bloodmasque
Publisher: Square Enix
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, RPG
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Unless I'm very much mistaken, the whole vampire craze that swept through our cinemas and living rooms a few years back never quite spread into games.

Not to the extent that the whole zombie thing has, at least.

Which is probably why the vampire fantasy setting found in Bloodmasque initially feels so refreshing.

Blood feud

The other reason, of course, is that this is an alternative history vampire setting. Oh, and it's set in Paris rather than New York. Vive la différence!

In Bloodmasque's fiction, a long-established worldwide vampire dynasty keeps mankind in check, and only a resistance force made of of half-vampire "hunters" stands in the way of total dominion. You play the part of one of these half-breeds. ...
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Bloodmasque is a truly odd mish-mash of swipe-based action, social, and JRPG elements, but only its historical vampire lore is executed with any great conviction
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 5
Value: 4
Innovation: 6
Overall: 5
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