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10 things you can (or have to) buy in Gameloft's new Blitz Brigade shooter

Pay to slay (and to play)
Product: Blitz Brigade | Publisher: Gameloft | Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter
Blitz Brigade iPhone, thumbnail 1
Blitz Brigade, Gameloft's new Battlefield Heroes-inspired shooter, is a cartoony FPS with oversized guns, caricature classes, and big bouncy tanks.

But, if the game's soft launch in France is anything to go by, it's also bursting at the seams with in-app purchases.

This is a game where if you can see it, you can pay for it. You can pay to win, and pay to play, and pay to expedite any boring bits. It is quite possibly the most unashamedly cynical app I've ever shoved onto my iPad.

To give you the full experience, here are ten things you can - or, in some cases, have to - pay for when playing Blitz Brigade.

Jump ahead in single-player

Blitz Brigade

If you haven't earned enough stars to proceed, you can pay to unlock a new batch of solo challenges.

Plus, you can pay to instantly complete the jigsaw puzzles that you finish as you play through the campaign.

New classes

Blitz Brigade

You can pay to unlock the sniper and stealth classes if you don't feel like waiting until you get to levels 10 and 15, respectively.

The sniper costs £2.99, and the sneaky spy costs a fiver.

Buy, upgrade, and repair guns

Blitz Brigade

You can pay to get new guns. Cough up some cash and you can unlock assault rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, lightning guns, grenade launchers, mini-guns, crossbows, shotguns, hand guns, sniper rifles, and melee weapons.

You can pay to upgrade those guns to increase their damage, ammo, critical chance, rate of fire, range, or effectiveness against vehicles.

You can pay to repair those guns, for weapons in Blitz Brigade degrade over time as you fire them. The more they're damaged, the more you'll pay. Naturally.


Blitz Brigade

You can pay for new taunt animations and sound effects. If you want your soldier to breakdance or your gunner to pound his chest like a silverback gorilla or your sniper to say "Boom! Headshot", you can make it so.

You just have to pay for it.

Consumable weapons

Blitz Brigade

You can pay for consumable weapons. You can buy frag grenades, incendiary grenades, flash bangs, health packs, and a jetpack.

One-off items

Blitz Brigade

You can pay for items that refill your ammo, slow down your opponents, make you completely invincible, and restore your health.

Stat boosters

Blitz Brigade

You can pay to boost your damage, your defence, your XP, your likelihood to score a critical attack, and your chances of dodging incoming fire.

Instant respawn

Blitz Brigade

If you don't fancy waiting a few seconds for the respawn timer to hit zero when you get killed, you can pay to instantly come back to life. Gameloft says it starts out free, but "the cost will increase quickly".

You can also buy a consumable item to reduce respawn timers by three seconds.

Kill everyone on-screen

Blitz Brigade

You can pay to instantly kill everyone on-screen. For just 20 gems, or 4,000 coins, you can tap your "Selective Apocalypse" badge and automatically annihilate everyone you can currently see.

Play the game more than 5 times

Blitz Brigade

You have to pay for tokens to play the game online. You get five free tokens when you download Blitz Brigade. Once you've spent those, though, you'll have to fork out for more.

Oh, and you'll spend a token even if you join a match with just seconds left to go, or if the match abruptly ends because the host disconnected.

Blitz Brigade

You can purchase many of these things with gold coins (which you earn in pitiful quantities), but you can only purchase some of them with gems (the premium currency), which you have to buy with real cash.

In-app purchases start from £1.49, by the way.

So, there we have it. Blitz Brigade is quite simply diabolical. It's a cynical slap in the chops. An artefact sent back from a dystopian future to warn us about what's to come. It's a cruel joke. It's a nightmare from which you can't wake up.

And it'll be available worldwide on iOS and Android soon. Enjoy.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 8 February 2013
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May 2013
Post count:
@worldcitizen9 | 12:45 - 11 May 2013
THANKS HEAPS MARK for standing up for us very, very, very exploited gamers. We don't have a voice and are getting completely decimated by IAP. Reviewers should not recommend any game which exploits gamers like this. These IAP are a disease and cancer. I really would love to play this and would pay $15 for the entire game but not $15 every few days. Its just greed, manipulative greed. Unashamedly they feel completely free simply because reviewers almost always recommend their games. What if all reviewers gave games like this 2/10?? I think things would change. We need to put pressure on these guys to be FAIR and JUST. You did the RIGHT THING. THANK YOU.
Apr 2013
Post count:
@St4yH4t3d | 12:25 - 10 May 2013
to be honest, dungeon hunter 4 is a lot worse... so if you think this game uses a cynical IAP system, just imagine what dh4 has to offer
Dec 2012
Post count:
Nathan Wildenberg | 19:38 - 9 February 2013
The first ones are "normal" for gameloft, but the tokens things disgust me.I can't wait to don't play this game....
Nov 2011
Post count:
Lonely Tylenol | 00:44 - 9 February 2013
As I went down the list, originally the list seemed fairly benign; I mean, I'm not a huge fan of paying to skip ahead in gameplay, or for upgrades I could earn in-game, and I DEFINITELY raised an eyebrow at the fact that you need to repair your guns, but for the most part, these are the whole point of IAPs: to expedite gameplay towards the endgame and offer users willing to pay that extra little bit some broader customization options (like skins, or, yes, taunts).

But everything from "respawn timer" onward disgusts me... And the fact that you have to pay for tokens just to PLAY the game online is an absolute deal-breaker. I mean, I wasn't really on the fence about this to begin with, but I imagine Gameloft will be losing a lot of otherwise understanding customers with that pay model (just like CAPCOM did when they changed the pay model of their arcade series from 3 tokens per day to 10 tokens, ever, expandable by IAP).
Jul 2012
Post count:
Contest Chris | 14:29 - 8 February 2013
Sorry. Couldn't be bothered about this game. I wish all developers who flagrantly abuse IAPs will get tried in the Court of Justice.
Feb 2013
Post count:
Kevin Corti | 13:53 - 8 February 2013
I'm a big advocate of F2P but if this approach is commercially successful then god help us