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All 20 entrants from the Big Indie Pitch at Develop 2017, Brighton

Games, games, games
Product: Big Indie Pitch | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Steam, Switch
Big Indie Pitch iPhone, thumbnail 1
The Big Indie Pitch at Develop in Brighton was yet another exciting opportunity for developers from all over the world to grab a drink, show off their game, and maybe even take home one of the top three prizes.

For those who don't know, the Big Indie Pitch is an event run by Pocket Gamer for smaller developers to show off their wares to a panel of eager and knowledgeable judges.

This time around it was Space Krieg, The Almost Gone, and Lost Words that topped the list, but here are all 20 entrants in no particular order.


By: Zenko Games s.r.l.
Date: September 2017, iOS

Diamonst is an Augmented Reality adventure which takes place in the real world, and has an immersive and interactive story-driven experience that will see the player face virtual enemies and tricky challenges while exploring his neighbourhood in the real life. 

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Abbey's Flight

By: Stuart Mclean
Date: Out now on iOS

Abbey's Flight is a bee flight simulator with 12 flying levels and three bonus level types: perform waggle dances, keep the hive warm, and land on flowers. 

Dragon Queens

By: Kaludoscope
Date: Q3/Q4 2017, iOS/Android

Dragon Queens is a non-military, multiplayer game of influence and prosperity. Become the most beloved monarch in the realm by transforming cities into prosperous centres for culture, joy, and luxury goods. 


By: Moonjump
Coming: Autumn 2017, iOS/Android

Jigscore is a cross between dominoes and jigsaws, and can be played either as a casual game or by focusing on puzzles and missions. There are currently 100 missions, multiple game modes, and seven puzzles. 


By: Ben Wells
Date: September 1st, iOS/Android/PC

Snexagon merges 'Snake' gameplay with air traffic control games as you move your snake over an area and collect pellets to earn points and grow. After it gets to a certain size, your snake will then split in half and you'll have to try to manage both bodies. 

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Space Krieg

By: We Heart Dragons
Date: 2019, iOS/Android/PC/Console

"Space Krieg is a tactical space dog-fighting MOBA in which two teams of five players take each other on in the combat zones. Rather than brute force, the key to success here is through team work and strategy."

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The Almost Gone

By: Happy Volcano
Date: Q2 2018, Mac/PC (maybe mobile someday)

"The Almost Gone is a narrative-driven exploration game where a young girl's spirit looks for a way out of the afterlife as she tries to understand her own death."

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The Boxing Promoter

By: Angry Fez Games LTD
Date: July 2017, iOS/Android

The Boxing Promoter puts you in charge or hiring and building a stable of fighters, training them, upgrading their skills, booking their fights, negotiating contracts, and helping them grow through rankings. 

Boom Boom Barbarian

By: Silo Black Games
Date: Summer 2018, iOS/Android/Console/PC

Boom Boom Barbarian is a rhythm action/tower defence game which works like a classic rhythm matcher to a point. Instead of matching descending beat bars to music, however, you're matching enemy units to their weaknesses. 

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The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

By: Huey Games Ltd
Date: Summer 2018, iOS/Android/Console/PC 

Inspired by games like Monkey Island, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is an otherworldly, point and click adventure game which follows five renegade audio scientists as they try to rid their beloved mountain of an evil witch. 

Touch 'n Drag Rally

By: Nikomus Games
Date: Android

Touch 'n Drag Rally is a top-down racing game that features new, procedurally generated rally tracks and networked high-scores to keep things competitive. 

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Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklement

By: Rumpus Animation
Date: iOS/Android/PC

Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklement is the point-and-click mystery game sequel to The Adventures of Betram Fiddle. You'll play as Bertram Fiddle, a self-proclaimed explorator searching for his next big adventure.

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Your Room

By: Unreasonably Good Software, ltd
Date: Spring 2018, Daydream VR/Cardboard VR

Your Room is a non-violent mobile VR game for 5-13 year-olds which allows children to interact with different toys. Each interaction will allow for a different sort of experience, i.e. riding on a toy train.

Save the Seeds

By: A Little Red Panda
Date: 2017, iOS/Android

"In the not too distant future, the world has finally succumbed to the change in temperature and can longer sustain human life. Your mission is to re-enter the atmosphere and retrieve seeds from different biomes in the hope of resurrecting the plants of days gone by and slowly restoring the earth to its former glory." 


By: Jason Tuyen Games
Date: Summer 2017, iOS/Android

Balls is an endless arcade game in which you keep a coloured ball in the air for as long as possible, whilst collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. 

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By: ZRZStudio
Date: August 2017, iOS/Android/Nintendo Switch

INOPS is a 2D side-scrolling puzzler where you've got to keep all of the Inops alive as you guide them through each level. 

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Advance Soccer

By: Gentlemen Of Science Limited
Date: August 2017, iOS/Android

Advance Soccer is a turn-based, tactical five-a-side football game with cross platform multiplayer. 

Taps Aff! The Scottish Summertime Simulator

By: Ant Workshop
Date: 2017, iOS/Android

"Taps Aff is a celebration of Scotland's favourite summer activity – exposing pasty white skin to the sun. Help the tiny little computer people in your phone get appropriately attired for the current weather by tapping on them. But, you'll have to be quick as the weather in Scotland is very changeable."

Lost Words

By: Sketchbook Games
Date: Unspecified, PC/Console

"Lost Words is a narrative adventure game starring our young protagonist and aspiring writer, Izzy. While dealing with the loss of her grandmother, she writes a fantasy story in which she quests to prove herself between the pages of her diary." 

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Vostok Inc.

By: Nosebleed Interactive
Date: 2017, PC/Vita/Console

"Vostok Inc. is a casual game for a hardcore audience and a hardcore game for a casual audience. The premise is that you’re a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, out to make as much money as possible. Think the Wolf of Wall Street…in Space.

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Emily Sowden 28 July 2017
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