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 IPHONE Top List

The 25 best board games on iPhone and iPad

Board stiff
Product: Best iPhone games | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: iPhone, iPad, Board Game
Updated January 17, 2018: New entries added

Most of us will have fond memories of playing boardgames with our families. However, I dare say most of us haven't really scratched the surface of what boardgames truly have to offer.

There are countless physical boardgames that are far richer, deeper, more strategic, and just plain more interesting than another round of Monopoly.

Fortunately, the advent of smartphones and tablets has led to a second life for many of these boardgames in streamlined digital form - and a fresh chance for everyone to check them out.

#1 Ticket to Ride

Product: Ticket to RideFormats: Android, iPad, SteamPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game, Strategy

Ticket to Ride
The closest thing to a crossover hit on this list, Ticket to Ride manages to be accessible and exciting yet also strategically rewarding.

#2 Stone Age: The Board Game

Product: Stone Age: The Board GameFormats: iPhoneDeveloper: Campfire CreationsPublisher: Campfire CreationsGenres: Card/board game

Stone Age: The Board Game
Arguably the most important thing a digital boardgame can add to their physical counterparts is accessibility. Stone Age: The Board Game does that wonderfully, easing you in gently to its deep worker-placement mechanics.

#3 Antihero - Digital Board Game

Product: Antihero - Digital Board GameFormats: iPhone, iPad

Antihero - Digital Board Game
Antihero has the snazzy presentation, swift pace and fully fleshed out campaign mode of a strategy game, but the beating heart of a board game. It's brilliant.

#4 Twilight Struggle

Product: Twilight StruggleFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita, Windows Phone, Windows 8Publisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game, Multiplayer, Strategy

Twilight Struggle
One of the masters of the digital boardgame, Playdek, tackles one of the contenders for 'best boardgame ever'. That's Twilight Struggle in a nutshell, and the result is an endlessly absorbing simulation of the cold war and a truly epic digital boardgame.

#5 Pandemic: The Board Game

Product: Pandemic: The Board GameFormats: iPadPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game, Strategy

Pandemic: The Board Game
A remarkably tense boardgame that operates on a truly global scale, as you cooperate with other players to solve a number of deadly outbreaks.

#6 Warhammer Quest 2

Product: Warhammer Quest 2Formats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: PerchangGenres: Action, Card/board game, RPG

Warhammer Quest 2
Despite the famous name, Warhammer Quest 2 isn't massively tethered to the board games that inspired it. On the flip side this makes for a uniquely flavoured strategic RPG.

#7 Colt Express

Product: Colt ExpressFormats: Android, iPhone, SteamPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game

Colt Express
If you thought boardgames needed to be sedate and deliberate, check out Colt Express. Not only does it have you robbing a Wild West train, but all of your moves must be initiated in advance, making for a games that's always full of surprises.

#8 Galaxy Trucker

Product: Galaxy TruckerFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Czech Games EditionGenres: Card/board game, Multiplayer, Strategy

Galaxy Trucker
Galaxy Trucker is a surprisingly frenetic boardgame adaptation that sees you rushing to build spaceships against the clock, then embarking on an event-filled sci-fi mission.

#9 Can't Stop

Product: Can't StopFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: PlaydekGenres: Card/board game

Can't Stop
This clever little boardgame builds a compelling game out of the roll of the dice. It's all about pushing your luck in a bid to hit winning streaks.

#10 Carcassonne (Asmodee)

Product: Carcassonne (Asmodee)Formats: Android, SteamPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game, Multiplayer, Strategy

Carcassonne (Asmodee)
Carcassonne remains as compelling a game in this updated version as it did in the initial digital port that launched back in 2011. Take turns laying tiles to build a map of medieval France, but pick your moment to launch a treacherous land grab.

#11 Lords of Waterdeep

Product: Lords of WaterdeepFormats: iPhone, iPadDeveloper: PlaydekPublisher: Wizards of the CoastGenres: Card/board game

Lords of Waterdeep
Though it's set in the classic Dungeons and Dragons tabletop RPG universe, Lords of Waterdeep is actually a worker-placement game that sees you strategically occupying spaces and resources on a board. It's a very attractive and accessible example of the form, too.

#12 Forbidden Island

Product: Forbidden IslandFormats: iPhone, iPadGenres: Card/board game

Forbidden Island
Proper boardgame conversions don't need to be complex, esoteric affairs. Forbidden Island is a simple co-operative game that even young kids can play, as you work together to try and rescue four treasures from a sinking island.

#13 Pathfinder Adventures

Product: Pathfinder AdventuresFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game

Pathfinder Adventures
Here we have a stripped down card-based version of the popular tabletop role-playing game Pathfinder, and it feels perfectly suited to mobile. Pick your team, kit them out, and embark on a series of combat-filled quests.

#14 Agricola

Product: AgricolaFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game, Strategy

Agricola is an engaging and beautifully presented boardgame all about running a farm. It takes a little longer to click than some of the other games on this list, but it's well worth the effort.

#15 Catan HD

Product: Catan HDFormats: iPadDeveloper: Exozet GamesPublisher: United Soft MediaGenres: Card/board game, Strategy

Catan HD
This is arguably where the whole digital boardgame scene started - a conversion of The Settlers of Catan, one of the biggest boardgames around. It remains and irresistibly strategic game of trading and acquisition, with just the right hint of randomness stirred in.

#16 Pathogen

Product: PathogenFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadDeveloper: Birnam Wood GamesPublisher: GameblyrGenres: Card/board game, Puzzle

Pathogen is that rare beast - a digital-only boardgame made entirely with mobile in mind. It adopts a beautiful abstract design and features an enchantingly novel twist on Othello's assimilation mechanics.

#17 Elder Sign: Omens

Product: Elder Sign: OmensFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, SteamDeveloper: In-housePublisher: Fantasy Flight GamesGenres: Card/board game

Elder Sign: Omens
Based on the works of esteemed fantasy horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, Elder Sign: Omens is packed full of magic, monsters, and apocalyptic events. It's also full of tactical variables that require time and effort to master.

#18 Kahuna

Product: KahunaFormats: iPhone, iPadDeveloper: United Soft MediaGenres: Card/board game

Kahuna is notable for its original premise of warring Polynesian gods, as well as its incredibly intuitive head-to-head two-player card-based rules.

#19 Fighting Fantasy Legends

Product: Fighting Fantasy LegendsFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Nomad Games LimitedGenres: Card/board game, RPG

Fighting Fantasy Legends
Taking the gamebook trappings of the classic Fighting Fantasy series and then applying a choose-your-own-adventure board game vibe, Fighting Fantasy Legends makes for an intriguing hybrid.

#20 BattleLore: Command

Product: BattleLore: CommandFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, SteamPublisher: Fantasy Flight GamesGenres: Card battler, Card/board game, Strategy

BattleLore: Command
Utilising the popular Commands & Colors system, BattleLore: Command is an absorbing strategy game with a great blend of excitement and tactical nous.

#21 Bottom of the 9th

Product: Bottom of the 9thFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, SteamPublisher: Handelabra Games

Bottom of the 9th
Whether you like baseball or not, Bottom of the 9th isa brilliantly absorbing and surprisingly accessible digital board game that's simply bursting with personality.

#22 XCOM: The Board Game

Product: XCOM: The Board GameFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Fantasy Flight GamesGenres: Card/board game

XCOM: The Board Game
XCOM: The Board Game is more than a novelty spin-off - it's an unusual hybrid of video and tabletop, employing a mobile app to guide the tactical turn-based battles in a physical game.

#23 Eight-Minute Empire

Product: Eight-Minute EmpireFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Acram Sp. z o.o.Genres: Card battler, Card/board game, Strategy

Eight-Minute Empire
As the name promises, Eight-Minute Empire has you playing through the life-span of an empire in just ten turns and a handful of minutes. It's fast alright, but not at the expense of strategic depth.

#24 Splendor

Product: SplendorFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Asmodee DigitalGenres: Card/board game, Multiplayer, Strategy

Economic engine boardgames aren't always the most thrilling examples of the form, but Splendor manages to buck the trend. You're still speculating to accumulate, but it's easy to learn, quick to play, and surprisingly exciting.

#25 Through The Ages

Product: Through The AgesFormats: Android, iPadPublisher: Czech Games EditionGenres:

Through The Ages
Through The Ages is a board game with serious scope. Create resources, build up your technological base, fight off other empires and more in one of the most in-depth strategy games on the App Store.


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Jon Mundy 17 January 2018
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