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[Update] How to play Bad Piggies - tips, level walkthroughs, cheats, skulls, and more
Pig out (Updated to Rise & Swine chapter)
Product: Bad Piggies | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone | Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Bad Piggies iPhone, thumbnail 1
Meet the piggies. Once the villains of the Angry Birds franchise, these green bacon-flavoured critters are now the heroes of their very own game on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

In this guide, we'll talk you through the basics of Rovio's latest physics-puzzler, provide you with detailed walkthroughs for the game's many levels, and help you find the secret items hidden in each world.

If you think you've got a better strategy, feel free to leave your tactics in the comments section below each article.

How to play


Every level in Bad Piggies has a finish line and a grid. You've got to place the items you are given in the grid to make some kind of vehicle that will transport a green piggy to the finish line.


Start by dragging out items onto the grid. In level 1, for example, we'll make a simple car by plopping down a few wooden boxes and attaching wheels to the bottom.


You can't get going without a pig. Drag the little pig from the toolbox into the grid (preferably inside one of the boxes... so he doesn't fall out) and a 'Tick' button will appear. Press this to go.


Now, gravity will take over. Your vehicle will start rolling down the hill, and will hopefully make it to the goal.


Once you start getting more complicated tools, like bottle rockets, engines, motors, and balloons, you'll be presented with buttons throughout the journey. You can tap these at any time to use the items that are attached to your vehicle.


In every Bad Piggies level, there are three different goals to get. They're the three circular icons you can see at the top of the screen when you are zoomed out.

Below, you'll find out the requirements for each goal. Remember that you don't need to hit all three in one go - they are cumulative, so you can get them in three separate runs to earn the three-star rating.


Pig: The most basic goal, and one that you'll find on every level. Simply make a contraption that will get the pig to the finish line. Doesn't matter if it's slow or messy - as long as your porker gets there.


Stopwatch: You need to get the pig to the finish within a specific time limit. The time is shown on the icon, and a timer will appear in the top-right-hand corner on levels with this goal.


No breakages: You've got to reach the finish line without your vehicle crumbling apart and without wheels snapping off mid-journey. Use dependable metal tools instead of wood to secure this goal.


Star crates: On levels with this goal, one or more star crates will be placed within the level. You've got to collect them and then reach the finish to achieve this goal.


King pig: On some levels, you'll have a giant pig that takes up four spaces on the grid. You've got to ferry this monster porker to the finish to score this goal.


Object restriction: To get this goal, you'll need to hit the finish line without using the tool that's shown on the icon. Could be a generator, a specific type of wheel, or a TNT crate. Your guess is as good as mine. May be better.


- Longer vehicles are less likely to tip over than small ones. Spread your stuff out across a larger surface area to maintain balance.

- When certain objects, like bottle rockets, are placed down, you can tap them in the vehicle editor to rotate them.

- Weight is important. You can change how a vehicle acts and moves by shifting the objects in and around your creation.

- The placement of objects will dramatically change the way aeroplanes and helicopters fly in chapter 2.

- TNT might be dangerous, but it's a brilliant way of sending a piggy a long way. You know, to a far-off goal or star crate.

- Umbrellas help you slow down and float safely towards the ground. Remember to shut them when you want to speed up again.

- When used in your vehicle, there are three motors that will power up automated objects like fans, yellow umbrellas, and motorised wheels.

- The green motor is the weakest, the square-shaped engine is fast, and the turbo-powered beast of an engine will really get you moving.

- Use springs to attach two boxes and add suspension to vehicles on bumpy roads.


In our level guides, we'll show you the contraptions we used to meet the different goals in Bad Piggies. Match our vehicles and follow the instructions to get three stars in each stage.

bp-guide-level-ghd bp-guide-level-wpf

              Ground Hog Day                                  When Pigs Fly

bp-guide-level-sb bp-guide-level-fitn

                The Sandbox                                   Flight in the Night

Road Hogs Rise and Swine

              Road Hogs                                           Rise & Swine


In certain levels, you'll find skulls (with curiously familiar headwear). You can collect these by driving a vehicle into them. Collect the lot and you'll unlock a special The Sandbox stage. Here's where to find them, and how to get them:

Chapter 1: Ground Hog Day
Chapter 2: Rise & Swine
Chapter 3: When Pigs Fly
Chapter 4: Flight in the Night

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 10 May 2013
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