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[Update] Come back at 6PM for our Apple liveblog and Apple's live stream
by Matthew Diener 22/10/2013
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Updated on October 22nd, at 14:21: Good news, folks. Apple will stream the keynote on its website and on Apple TV.

As ever, the official stream requires QuickTime on Windows, Safari on OS X, and iOS 4.2 on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. If you don't have the right kit, you can follow our liveblog, below.

Apple still has a lot to cover.

At least, that was the message on a cryptic invitation to an event that is to be held tonight, at 6PM UK time.

If the rumours, leaks, and jolly good guesses are true, Apple will unveil a new iPad today. Probably with the beefy A7 chip from the latest iPhone, a better camera, and maybe even a fingerprint sensor.

It might also unveil a successor to the iPad mini - perhaps with a Retina display screen, to take on Google's revamped Nexus 7. We'll be the ones crossing our fingers so tight we lose circulation in our digits.

We'll have everything you need to know about Apple's new mobile kit right here in our liveblog. We'll also have stories about whatever the big A has up its sleeve, and all that good stuff. Come back at 6, then, for all the goodies.

Apple October 22 Event Liveblog

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19:24 - And it's a wrap! The iPad mini with retina display and the iPad Air are both promising innovations on the line and will be at the top of a great many Christmas lists this year, we expect.

19:20 -
Here's the iPad line-up for the holiday season. The iPad mini with retina display launches in November.

19:19 -
Now this is surprising. iPad mini with Retina Display starts at $399 for 16GB, while the iPad mini (original) drops down to $299. The retina display model has an A7 64-bit processor as well.

19:17 -
iPad mini with retina display was just announced as expected. Judging by the look of the crowd, this isn't exactly a surprising development...

19:15 -
This is pretty much exactly what we were expecting: an iPad that follows the iPad mini's lead of a thinner form factor. Speaking of the iPad mini, that's up now.

19:13 -
Silver, White, and Space Gray starting at $499 for 16GB of storage. It'll begin shipping on November 1st (in a bunch of countries including the US and UK). This will replace the top-of-the-line, full-sized iPad but the iPad 2 will be around for $399 if you prefer the older, thicker, heavier, model.

19:11 - It's also the first Apple device with MIMO (multiple antennas) wireless, meaning it'll be faster to surf as well. Dual microphones are added in to boot.

19:09 -
New A7 64-bit processor with over 1 billion transistors. That promises to be 8x faster than the original iPad with 72x faster graphics. Do the 1 billion transistors have anything to do with that? Probably.

19:07 - This isn't just a new iPad, it's the iPad Air (yes, that's the official name). Thinner bezels and it's 20% thinner across the entire device. It's .4 pounds lighter than the original, too.

19:05 -
Phil's back on stage to talk about the new generation of iPads promising the biggest step yet. Mmm, look at those thin bezels.

19:03 -
And it's video time again - let's watch iPads in action. Who uses an iPad? Farmers! Speed skaters! SCUBA divers! Yes, even people who eat grapes!

19:00 -
Tim Cook talks about the 170 million iPads sold and looks back at their sales since 2010. Fun fact: the working title for this graph was "haters gonna hate".

18:59 -
Tim Cook's on stage, talking about how free software will 'turn the industry on its ear'.  Next up... new iPads. Finally!

18:57 -
iWork apps go free too if you purchase a new Mac or iOS device. Available today as well. Yay. Now, um, news iPads? Please. Maybe just one?

18:50 -
Hey, these new apps are free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device. That's iLife, now... bring on the iPads. Please?  And nope, onto iWork apps.

18:46 -
Garage Band now supports up to 32 tracks of music on the same song... if you have a 64-bit device. Score one for the iPhone 5S.

18:43 -
iPhoto now lets you send your photobooks to Apple from your iPad, and get them printed as coffeetable books. I can't wait to show my guests a coffeetable book full of blurry concert pics or shots of my dog sleeping.

18:42 -
Mac hardware's wrapping up with a video about the Mac Pro being assembled in the USA.  Now, it's time for apps!

18:34 -
The cylindrical Mac Pro is a ridiculous beast. This is the computer you want if you do anything with graphics, video editing, or anything else in the creative media fields - it even *looks* powerful.

18:32 -
Mac Pro's up now, if you're curious for new Air and MBP prices they're summed up below.

18:31 -
New MacBook Pro 15" starts at $1999, $200 cheaper than the previous model. 8GB RAM and 256GB storage in the base model.

18:29 -
New MacBook Pro with retina display starts at $1299 for 13" model, 4GB Ram, 128GB storage.

18:28 -
Phil also outs himself as being a fan of "The Black Knight" with Batman on screen. Monty Python fans are confused by this announcement, but are probably still on board.

18:27 -
13" MacBook Pro is just .71 inches thin and weighs less than 3.5 pounds and offers 9 hours of iTunes movie playback.

18:25 -
Time to talk MacBooks. If you're out for coffee, might want to grab a danish as well. New iPads won't be on stage for a bit longer.

18:23 -
And another shot at Windows, Mavericks will be a free OS X update because "Free is good". This Single-step update will be available for all iMacs and MacBooks from 2007 onwards for free starting today.

18:20 -
Maps app on demo now. It looks quite impressive and modern, but I'm pretty sure paleo-bloggers in the early 20th century said the same thing about The RMS Titanic.

18:19 -
OS X Mavericks demo time. If you're waiting for new iPad announcements, this might be a good time to grab a coffee.

18:16 -
Oh no. Mavericks will feature a new 'Maps' app. This will not end well

18:15 -
Roundup of the OS X updates: better battery life, compressed memory, and better graphics handling. Shared links in Safari, enhanced notifications that let you respond to iMessages without switching apps... all well and good, but it's not a new iPad.

18:12 -
Time to talk about OS X and the Mavericks updates. Things are changing with power efficiency, but the thing that doesn't change is that a MacBook without its bottom cover still looks like an angry robot face.

18:11 - Cook takes a swipe at Microsoft, saying they're "confused" trying to turn PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Credit where credit is due, he didn't ding them for the Zune...

18:10 - Some words on the App Store. 1,000,000 apps on the app store with 60 Billion cumulative downloads. Developers have earned an estimated $13 billion in the past five years off of this ecosystem which we all (now) take for granted.

18:08 - Cook talks about iOS 7 now, saying it was the biggest and fastest software update ever. EVER. 200 million installs in the first week.

18:06 - It wouldn't be an Apple event without a video of consumers high-fiving Apple Store employees...

18:05 - Cook promises updates to the iPhone and rattles off sales figures. 9 million 5S and 5Cs (combined) sold on the opening weekend, making it the largest iPhone launch to date.  Aaaaand, it's video time!

18:03 - And Tim Cook's on stage talking about values.  We want new iPads, not values!

18:02 - Well, Apple's starting up quite punctually here with a minimalist black & white lead-in video.  That piano tune would be a great choice for a wedding processional, incidentally.
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