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How to have an excellent trip in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure - hints, tips, and tricks

More fruit, less wait, more fun
Product: Animal Voyage: Island Adventure | Developer: Pocket Gems | Publisher: Pocket Gems | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Casual, Puzzle
Animal Voyage: Island Adventure iPhone, thumbnail 1
Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is a puzzler crossed with a freemium builder... with a little adventuring thrown in for good measure.

If I were asked to come up with one really big criticism of the game, then I'd have to admit that there's a little too much waiting about for my liking here.

If you're finding this is the case, too, then this guide could be a godsend. That's because I document the most effective uses of your time in it, allowing you to enjoy the game for longer and make loads of progress.

Plus, I reveal the best methods for farming fruit, and fill you in on a few other bits and pieces of info I picked up along the way.

Let's not delay this any longer, then...

Keeping time

While you're waiting for those timers to expire, there's always plenty of stuff to be getting on with that will aid your adventure in the long run.

One very simple thing you can do is to clear all of the long grass and other obstacles in an area. Yes, it's slightly monotonous. And, yes, it does require Energy. But you'll be awarded Leaves for doing so, and the paths will often lead to hidden treasures. To tidy up an area quickly, tap multiple patches of grass so that you can clear them in rapid succession.

You can wait for Coins to regenerate at animal sanctuaries. If you want more while you wait, however, you can play each puzzle stage again for a currency boost.

This is really useful, for you can then use the Coins to travel to islands you've already visited before and complete them again for bonus items. Once you've seen everything there, they disappear and come back in a new form. You can repeat this process for epic loot.

All of this is beneficial. Why? Because you often hit walls where you must wait for an action to complete, and going off and advancing as far as you can in every direction, gathering up loads of resources in the process, means you're less likely to be caught short of currency or materials later in the game.

Feeling fruity

Fruit is really important in this game, since it's the way you feed your animals to keep their Energy levels up, and in turn enable them to take part in missions and perform actions.

Because of this, you'll need a plentiful supply, so you must try to ensure that you have enough varieties to feed all of your animals.

Obviously, you'll need to ensure that your farm is always producing fruit - this is generally a good strategy. To maximise your effectiveness, however, you should be growing the fruit with the shortest timers while you're actively playing. You should plant ones that take longer to harvest for those periods when you're not playing.

You should also always be on the lookout for bushes with fruits growing upon them. Reach these bushes, and you will unlock that fruit (for growing on your farm). Forget to do this, and you may be in some serious bother later in the game.

The bits you may have missed

Feel free to take your time with the puzzles in the game. There's no time limit but you've only got a limited number of moves with which to complete the task. Think before you move a puzzle piece. If you can, try to plan ahead. Chain together a string of connections, and you'll quickly reach your objectives. Waste turns, however, and you'll make silly mistakes.

Also, did you know you can upgrade your Warehouse? Did you even know you HAD a Warehouse? Early in the game, you see, not much is said about your Warehouse. But if you're serious about getting as far as possible as quickly as possible, then you'll want to expand it. Once you do, you can hold more fruit. And as explained above, that's a very good thing indeed.

Another strong reason for doing this is that you can sell fruit for cash, should you be running short. Different berries fetch different prices. As you'd expect, though, the ones that take longer to grow are the ones that bring in that sweet dollar.

Each animal needs a full amount of fruits to play a puzzle, but it only needs a portion of them to roam around and clear obstacles for you. Keep that in mind, then, if you ignore the tips above and your cupboard is bare.

Got any tips to share? Let us and the rest of the PG community know them by leaving them in the comments section below.


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Peter Willington 6 September 2013
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