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Appy goes for beast with free-to-play social quester Animal Legends
by Jon Jordan 23/11/2012
Product: Animal Legends
Developer: Appy Entertainment
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, RPG
Having enjoyed Appy's previous iOS game Spellcraft, I'm hoping for a similar experience with new release Animal Legends.

It's another free-to-play title that follows the current trend for city-building, turn-based battles and RPG elements, all encapsulated within a humorous storyline and puppet-style animation.

Journey, man

You start out building your base, unlocking elements that will enable you to get the rhino, raccoon and owl characters (effectively the melee, ranged and mage classes) and earning resources as you battle your way through the seven maps controlled by the evil vampire frog Skulk's minions.

Bringing social features into play, you can quest with your friends' characters - all the while, levelling up and equiping the epic treasure, magical artifacts and powerful attacks and spells you discover along the way.

You can also hire your friends to run your trade buildings and earn gold via the trading posts.

Out now for iOS devices, Animal Legends is free-to-play.

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