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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tips and tricks - Everything you need from Lottie's Gothic Rose Festival Event

Get everything you need from the event before it's gone!
Product: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp iPhone, thumbnail 1
Have you ever been such a music fan that you’ve started collecting bats? No? Well, neither have we, but Lottie in the world of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp sure has.

Right now Lottie is in town and she’s brought along a bunch of special items that you can earn by capturing creatures and completing her various requests.

We’ve got the low down on all the new items you can earn and the best ways to play during the event. Just take a look below and you’ll soon have everything you need.

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Plant seeds, attract bats

During Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival event, she wants you to capture some gothic bats and golden gothic bats. Don’t worry, it’s not for free, she’s got a bunch of rewards for you to earn.

To capture bats you’ll need to plant red gothic roses and purple gothic roses, with seeds you can earn from completing requests for villagers during the event.

You’ll need to plant the seeds, wait for them to grow, and capture the animals. We’ve got another guide about capturing creatures here, so take a look for even more info.

Capturing creatures will be weird at first - it’s a totally new mechanic for Animal Crossing - but it’ll quickly make sense. To speed up the process, you can earn flower seeds with a + in the name, which will grow almost instantly.

Completing tasks and goals

In return for capturing bats, Lottie has a whole bunch of rewards waiting for you, including some very limited furniture items.

It can be time consuming to complete all of the tasks - you’ll need 60 gothic bats, and 50 of the slightly rarer golden gothic bats in order to finish all the tasks. A tall order!

In order to get all of the bats, you’ll want to quickly plant as many gothic roses as possible - red for golden gothic bats, and purple for gothic bats - and grow them using flower food, or just playing the waiting game.

You’ll complete a bunch of interesting Timed Goals for planting and harvesting flowers during the event, too!

Trading flowers

In addition to collecting bats, you can also trade the rare event flowers you grow for unique items. Well, a couple of unique items - the rest will be pretty familiar. Take a look below for the full list…
  • Potted g. purple roses - Gothic purple roses x20
  • Steels x10 - Gothic purple roses x5 (Can be traded 5 times)
  • Wood x10 - Gothic purple roses x5 (Can be traded 5 times)
  • Cotton x10 - Gothic purple roses x5 (Can be traded 5 times)
  • Preserves x10 - Gothic purple roses x5 (Can be traded 5 times)
  • Paper x10 - Gothic purple roses x5 (Can be traded 5 times)
  • Flower food x10 - Gothic purple roses x5 (Can be traded 5 times)
  • Potted g. red roses - Gothic red roses x20
  • Sporty essence x3 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 2 times)
  • Natural essence x3 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 2 times)
  • Cute essence x3 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 2 times)
  • Cool essence x3 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 2 times)
  • Rustic essence x3 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 2 times)
  • Hip essence x3 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 2 times)
  • Flower food x20 - Gothic red roses x10 (Can be traded 10 times)

Special furniture and clothes

But of course, the best part about any event is the limited time furniture and clothing you can earn. We’ve put together the essential goals and tasks you’ll need to complete in order to earn them all…
  • Steel-toed boots - Catch ten rare creatures (Timed Goal)
  • Black tights - Plant seeds 20 times (Timed Goal)
  • Gothic rose cage - Catch x3 gothic bats (Task 1-1)
  • Gothic lolita buns - Catch x15 gothic bats (Task 1-5)
  • Gothic lolita dress - Catch x40 gothic bats (Task 1-9)
  • Gothic rose fence - Catch x60 gothic bats (Task 1-10)
  • Gothic silk top hat - Catch x6 golden gothic bats (Task 2-2)
  • Gothic rose lamp - Catch x9 golden gothic bats (Task 2-3)
  • Gothic rose guitar - Catch x15 golden gothic bats (Task 2-5)
  • Gothic rose fence - Catch x30 golden gothic bats (Task 2-8)
  • Gothic rose drums - Catch x40 golden gothic bats (Task 2-9)


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Dave Aubrey 1 February 2018
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