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7 movies we'd love to see turned into Angry Birds games

Laughing all the way to the (piggy) bank
Product: Angry Birds Star Wars | Developer: Rovio | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Puzzle
Angry Birds Star Wars iPhone, thumbnail 1
At a recent press event in Times Square, Finnish developer Rovio officially unveiled a Angry Birds title set in George Lucas's infamous Wookiee-infested Star Wars universe.

This sure-fire cross-promotional cash cow already has a name. Yep, Angry Birds Star Wars. Who'd have thunk it?

Naturally, this got us thinking about what other blockbuster franchises could be filled with miffed avians and turned into iPhone, iPad, and Android games.

Here's what we came up with...

Angry Birds Assemble

First up, The Avengers. We envisage a game in which you take on the role of Nick Fury, who's trying to put together a team of the universe's greatest heroes, including Feather Man, Captain Beak, and Hawkeye.

Wait, that last name sounds familiar. Ah, forget it.

Naturally, your ultimate aim would be to wipe out waves of pesky green pigs across 2D physics-based levels, using your feathered warriors and their special abilities to do so.

Birdman: The Dark Nightingale

In Birdman: The Dark Nightingale, you take on the role of Bruce "Birdman" Wayne - a billionaire playboy who witnessed his parents' murder at the trotters of some unscrupulous piggies.

As Birdman, you have to don a suit that makes "the winged hero that Gotham deserves" look remarkably like Rovio's Black Bird. Oh, and you have to rid Gotham's streets of the filthy swine that inhabit your home city.

Birdman has several weapons attached to his trusty utility belt, including eggsplosive charges and birdarangs. You can throw these at muggers and other criminals. If you like.

Harry Potter and the Bacon of Destiny

If we were making this Angry Birds / Harry Potter mash-up, it'd be a top-down action-RPG similar to the excellent Squids, and you'd play as a young magic-wielding fowl.

You'd have plenty of spells at your disposal, such as Eggpelliarmus (oh dear!), which would help you overcome Voldersnort and his green army of evil pig wizards.

The evil buggers would be trying to exact revenge on the world's bacon-loving Muggle population, by the way.

Lord of the Rings: The One Egg

"One egg to rule them all, one egg to find them. One egg to bring them all, and in the darkness fry them." Or, y'know, something along those lines.

Anyway. In this game, you play as Sauron's piggies rather than the brave birds who're trying to return the 'One Egg' to the fiery nests of Mordor.

This third-person slash-'em-up will throw you headlong into plenty of scraps, including large battles at infamous locations like Amon Hen (hey, we didn't even have to make that name up).

Parrots of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Feather

We're calling this game Parrots of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Feather. For the reasons I am about to explain.

In this filmic tie-in, you take control of Captain Jack Sparrow (jokes really do write themselves sometimes), who sets off across the Seven Seas in search of his favourite ship, the Black Feather.

Along the way, you'll have to weather attacks from slop-swilling piggy pirates, and go hunting for golden eggs and other glittering jewels.

Back Bacon to the Future

We see this Back to the Future title as a puzzle-filled construct-'em-up. Your primary aim is to build a catapult that can launch your feathered behind through the air at exactly 88mph.

Why would you want to do that, then? Well, some blasted swines have stolen your precious eggs, and you have to go back in time in order to stop them.

There's also a mini-game available that allows you to place bets and bank loads of cash with the help of your trusty sports eggmanac.

Indiana Jones and the Next Crusade

It'd be a criminal offence to release an Indiana Jones game in which you don't grab the bullwhip of Harrison Ford's infamous adventurer. So, naturally, you take on the role of the fedora-wearing treasure hunter in this title.

As you can probably imagine, you spend the majority of your time exploring exotic locations in search of jewel-encrusted golden eggs, which have something to with aliens. The less said about that, the better, really.

Anyway, the film franchise's Nazis are replaced by Rovio's green piggies in our Indy spin-off. How fun.

Reviewer photo
Anthony Usher 3 November 2012
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