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AngerForce - Strikers is a gorgeous steampunk bullet hell blaster that's out right now for iPad and iPhone
by Harry Slater 11/4/2014
Product: AngerForce - Strikers
Developer: ScreamBox Studio
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade, Hardcore, Shooter
The problem with bullet hell games is they flash by so fast, and you have to concentrate so hard, that sometimes you miss just how gorgeous they are.

And AngerForce - Strikers is really, really, ruddy gorgeous. It's a cartoon-edged steampunk laser fable that sees you weaving through missile fire on the back of a hovering gondola, blasting airships and chugging robo killers out of the sky.

Like most mobile shooters in the genre you control the game with one finger, sliding it around the screen to dodge through the blobs of plasma and blue flashes of death raining down all around you.

Special moves along the side of the screen can be activated with a quick tap and, unlike most other bullet hell games, lifting your finger off the screen doesn't mean you stop firing.

There are multiple pilots to choose from, different game modes to shoot through, and a good dollop of bullet-spewing mayhem to enjoy.

Developer ScreamBox Studios says that an update bringing iCade support and a better user guide is on the way, and should hit the App Store next week.

But as it stands the game is still well worth investigating. It's fast, fluid, and, as I might have mentioned before, just lovely to look at.

AngerForce - Strikers is out now on the App Store and it'll set you back £1.99 / $2.99 to give it a good old fashioned try.
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