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[Update] Out at midnight: Alone in the Dark is a touchscreen revamp of the 1992 classic horror game for iPad and iPhone
by Harry Slater 15/5/2014
Product: Alone in the Dark
Publisher: Atari
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Retro

Updated on May 15th at 12:40: The plot thickens. It now appears that Alone in the Dark has been pulled from the New Zealand App Store as well.

We've reached out to Atari to see if it has anything to say about all these bizarre shenanigans. Ghostly interference is looking more and more likely though...

Updated on May 15th at 09:40: Hmmm, bit of a strange one this. While the game did hit the New Zealand App Store last night, it hasn't materialised in the UK yet.

We suspect supernatural shenanigans. Or possibly a soft launch. We'll let you know when the game actually turns up in the rest of the world.

Original story follows...

This one came out of nowhere. Atari has released a version of its classic survival horror adventure Alone in the Dark. It's just hit the New Zealand App Store, which means it'll be out in the UK at midnight tonight.

The game originally hit the PC in 1992, and it's certainly showing its age, in an endearing, everything has a straight edge, retro sort of a way.

You control either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, and wander around a Lovecraft-inspired mansion trying to work out why everything is so horrendously spooky.

Apparently this iOS version has a new control scheme, although we've yet to get our fingers on it, so we don't know how well it works.

The game will wander eerily onto the UK App Store tonight, and when it does it'll set you back just 69p / 99c. If the controls are right, then that could be the bargain of the week.
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