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AcroSplat tips - General advice to get you started

Adding a little colour to your day
Product: Acrosplat | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Few games have stimulated as much interest on PG in recent months as AcroSplat. AppStreet's cute physics puzzler evokes memories of early smartphone classics like Cut The Rope and Where's My Water.

But it's also a tough game to master. There are a lot of things going on below AcroSplat's colourful shell, and there's not a great deal of guidance. In fact, this is one of those rare games where you could argue that a little more hand-holding might have been in order in the early stages.

That's why we thought it might be a good idea to establish some baseline tips to help you on your way.

Check out those colours

With some physics puzzlers, you can adopt a trial and error approach and generally feel your way through. That won't really work with AcroSplat.

Rather, you should spend a good portion of time sussing out each level's layout and formulating a solid plan before you even touch a paint blob.

Many of the levels are about picking out the right sequence of colours that will enable you to finish on the right colour, so it's good to have in mind exactly which order you intend to do things, as well as precisely what you're going to do.

Take a break - take a screenshot

Taking stock before you move is fine for much of AcroSplat. But what about those levels where it's not an option?

Many of AcroSplat's levels require a fair amount of planning - something these extra time-sensitive issues don't allow. You can't even pause the game to take stock of the situation, because that covers most of the screen in a menu.

Our tip is to take a screenshot as soon as the level commences, then switch to Photos and study the level at your leisure.

Shortcut to the stars

It can be tough reaching each and every star in AcroSplat. Fortunately that's not necessary to progress, but still - it's a nice thing to aim for.

You can make life a lot easier on yourself if you spot the game's little workarounds. For example, a fair few of the stars can be grabbed simply by firing a blob up straight up into the air and bringing it down onto the same line. It's the ultimate no-risk strategy.

Still other stars can be reached without flicking a blob at all - just pull the blob back as if to shoot it and use its stretched form to touch the star.

Finally, do you need every single paint blob to actually complete the level? Figure out if you've got any 'spares' and use them to reach those stars. Remember - you don't need to bring each and every blob home.

Starting position matters

Where you ping your paint blobs from - which of the tracks that they move along - matters a lot. As we've already mentioned, your paint blobs need to be physically stretched in the opposite direction in order to propel them, so if you're near a wall or the edge of the screen your distance will be impaired.

You'll also find that the direction you can fire your paint is affected by the angle of the track. You can only fire in a limited sector either side of those tracks.

Often, then, an awkward shot can be made a lot easier simply by shifting to another track - even if that track is further away from your intended target.

Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy 22 March 2017
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