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Shoot and maim thugs in stealthy top-down shooter APB Retribution for iOS
by Chris Priestman 20/12/2013
Product: APB Retribution
Developer: Blazing Griffin
Publisher: Blazing Griffin
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Shooter
To everyone's great surprise here at PG Towers, violent top-down shooter APB Retribution came out for iOS yesterday.

As we've mentioned before, APB Retribution takes place in the grimy streets of the modern city San Paro, the setting for the original APB MMO for PC.

You're seeking vengeance on "Old Harry" and his hoodlums in the Horca gang after they left you for dead.


You do this by sneaking around armed patrols in the darkness, being as quiet as possible, and taking out the idiotic gangsters with stealth kills.

At other times, you'll have to barge down doors and tap your targets as quickly as you can to blast them with a gun before they get a chance to return fire.

As you'd expect, you're supplied with blades, ballistics, and blunts to do your bloody job. Sometimes, you also get a porn mag to throw as a distraction for the guards.

A frag grenade would probably do a better job of distracting them, but a small bomb has a tendency to alert everyone in the facility to your presence.

You'll need to be methodical in your approach on every level in order to get through unscathed. Be warned: if a guard gets you in its coned vision, it'll take you down with a single bullet.

The APB Retribution controls aren't the best - the pathfinding AI sometimes gets a little confused about how best to get to the location on which you tapped. Fortunately, you can hold your finger on the screen to manually guide your character, too.

APB Retribution isn't the fast-paced bloodbath you might be anticipating. You'll need quite a bit of patience to work through the levels. Death means restarting the entire level, so you'll probably need to re-play levels quite a few times.

You can pick up APB Retribution on the App Store for £1.49 / $1.99. Do note that the game is only compatible with iPhone 4S and higher.
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