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2K Drive
Real racing?
by Peter Willington 16/9/2013
Product: 2K Drive
Developer: Lucid Games
Publisher: 2K Sports
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Racing
Players: 1
Networking: wireless (network)
Version: Europe
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Let's get straight to the point: 2K Drive is an excellent driving game. It's hampered, however, by a few minor but persistent and technically sloppy niggles in its design.

The slightly-too-elaborate progression system (borne out of its free-to-play roots), the unstable performance, the confusing menu design - these are all factors that come close to destabilising this tip-top driving game.

Instead, though, these unsavoury elements merely detract slightly from the overall impressive package.

Sure, 2K Drive will prove divisive among the wider gaming community. For petrolheads with patience, however, this might just be the racing game for which they've been waiting. ...
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The race for the best driving game on mobile almost got interesting, but 2K Drive has too many technical issues to truly keep up with the very best in the field
Audio/visual: 6
Gameplay: 10
Value: 6
Innovation: 7
Overall: 7
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