1001 Attempts
Do attempt this at home
By Harry Slater 28 February 2013
Game Name: 1001 Attempts | Developer: CookieBit | Publisher: Everplay Interactive | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Platform | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
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There are certain enemies and obstacles that are destined to be reviled forever - digital creatures and structures that become the bane of a player's existence to such an extent that whenever their names are mentioned a collective shudder runs down the spine of every gamer within earshot.

To that list you can now add the green floaty meteor thing from 1001 Attempts. This relentless hunter spells the end of many an attempt on the highscore table, either directly or indirectly, and more than earns its place in the hate files.

The reason the green meteor works so well is that it changes the rhythm of 1001 Attempts, introducing a new variable just when you're settling into a random but recognisable pattern. The green meteor is chaos. And chaos is evil.
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A brilliant and beguilingly simple hardcore platformer, 1001 Attempts delivers more excitement in its bite sized blasts than most games could ever dream of
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