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E3 2014: World of Tanks Blitz takes aim and fires for a global iOS release on June 26th
by Chris Priestman 11/6/2014
Product: World of Tanks Blitz
Publisher: Wargaming
Format: iPad
Genre: Action, Strategy
Networking: wireless (network)
World of Tanks: Blitz

Wargaming has just confirmed that World of Tanks Blitz will be rolling onto iOS around the world on June 26th.

The free-to-play tank-battling MMO has been available on iPad and iPhone in Scandinavia since the beginning of May. But that was for testing purposes. On June 26th, Wargaming will release the game globally.

World of Tanks Blitz contains 90 different tanks. In them, you can battle against other players across eight different environments.

World of Tanks Blitz is free-to-play. It offers IAPs for in-game gold and purchasable tanks.

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