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Twisty Road tips and tricks - Everything you need to know about Twisty Road’s tracks

Master the skills to speed down country lanes - but don't do that.
Product: Twisty Road | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Twisty Road iPad, thumbnail 1
If you haven’t had enough of games to while away at while waiting for the bus, or on the loo at work, then Twisty Road is pretty much essential.

Rolling your ball down these twisty pathways and making some nerve-wracking jumps feels great when you succeed, and with this guide, we’ll have you succeeding every time.

We have some tips in this guide that’ll have you feeling like a cheat, but it’s all legal! Now onwards to set that new Twisty Road high score…

Slow and steady wins the race

Twisty Road has a very, erm, twisty road, and as a result you have to be prepared to take turns quite suddenly.

The best way to keep control of your ball on these complex paths is to tap at a fairly gentle, but frequent pace to adjust your turning, and of course, hold for those tighter corners. As long as you see bends coming, you should always be able to stay on course.

Forget slow and steady, jump it

Of course, slow and steady is one way to do it, but happily Twisty Road enable impatient players to rush through the game by simply jumping off the track to another part of the track below.

Now, this is risky. As soon as you leave the track a short, invisible timer begins, and if you don’t at least clip a part of the track before the timer runs out, it’s game over.

If you do hit the track however, you can continue the game, just like that. Interestingly, even if you hit the track backwards, the game will stop, turn your ball around, and let you continue. Wonderful.

Procedural strategy

Memorising the track won’t do you much good here in Twisty Road; the track might look the same, but appears to be randomly generated, with new twists and turns each time.

Taking care not to fly off the track (when you don’t mean to) is one thing, but it’s quite another trying to judge a few of those daring jumps.

Often, the next part of the track will simply be too far away for you to jump towards it, and judging which gaps are worth the risk is a skill you have to learn.

Can’t die here!

There’ll be a couple of instances in Twisty Road where you’ll get that gut feeling of determination where you scream about not dying yet.

The first, is when you’re leaping towards another part of the track and the screen starts fading to black, indicating you’re running out of time… Only to have it come alive again, and your ball keeps rolling down the track. It feels great.

Then the other one is when you actually do die. That one sucks, but luckily, if you’re willing to watch through an ad, you can take another shot at Twisty Road from where you left off…


Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 11 January 2018
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