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First iPad game screenshot: Twin Blades is looking great in HD

Big bosses looking extra big and bloody

Product: Twin Blades | Developer: Press Start Studio | Publisher: Bulkypix | Genre: Action | Networking: wireless (network)
Twin Blades iPad, thumbnail 1
Pretty much every iPhone game developer is now working on the iPad emulator to see how their old games look doubled pixelled, as well as working out how they can make best use of Apple's hardware for new games.

French developer Press Start Studio has been quickest off the mark however, sending us a screenshot of its zombie slasher Twin Blades at the new resolution (as below).

As you can see in comparison to the iPhone resolution screen below, the extra area means the main character is smaller and the playing area larger, also enabling bigger boss characters.

Also, the user interface and controls can be kept out of the way of the action, making the game clearer to play, although the size of the iPad may not be ideal for this sort of twitch game.

Note, the game isn't running fullscreen. There is a bit of letterboxing due to the slightly different aspect ratio between the devices.

As developer Philippe Rapin explains:

"The iPad screenshot features one of the bosses from the upcoming update to Twin Blades, which will be released at the end of February for iPhone and iPod touch.

"We've had a lot of positive feedback from our fans and we've been steering the development of the game toward their demands. The update sports incredibly detailed new environments, a story mode with additional NPCs, and a mini-map which will give players more freedom to select the level they wish to play.

"The iPad version will incorporate this update on release and will boast native HD graphics at full screen resolution.

"It's still being developed of course, and the end result may vary depending on the hardware specifications of the tablet. The big question for developers is whether or not the device will sport enough RAM to support the loading of HD graphics. But given its history of releasing top-notch products, we're confident Apple has thought about this issue carefully."

Reviewer photo
Jon Jordan 29 January 2010
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Anonymous | 21:31 - 31 January 2010
I have decided that im going to create an Advance Wars type of game for the Ipad. It will have amazing graphics and depth. You heard it hear first kiddies!
Jan 2010
Post count:
KingPepper | 20:27 - 31 January 2010
What update would that be "Jumpman"?
Anonymous | 02:57 - 29 January 2010
Mecho Wars is an AWESOME game that is of the same vein as Advance Wars. Give it a go!
Anonymous | 01:45 - 29 January 2010
I think games like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem would absolutely ROCK on the IPad though THAT will NEVER happen ((sobbing))