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The Sims Mobile cheats and tips - List of EVERY career, relationship and hobby

Get started with your new life right here
Product: The Sims Mobile | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
The Sims Mobile iPad, thumbnail 1
The Sims Mobile is an addictive mobile version of everyone's favourite puppet master sim, and there's a bunch of brand new story paths for you to indulge in.

These paths are started in different ways with different sims and different pieces of furniture, but as long as you keep levelling up and moving forward you'll gain access to all of these scenarios.

If you're looking for something specific just read on to find out all you need to know about The Sims Mobile's career, relationship and hobby stories.

Take a look here for more features, guides and more for The Sims Mobile.
Relationships begin with sims as soon as you introduce yourself, and how you introduce yourself will affect how your relationship progress from that point forward.

You can be flirty, confrontational, or friendly. The relationship story you'll be able to follow from that point forward depends on the kind of sim you're talking with.

Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone in different ways to get every relationship story started.

Bickering spirals into hatred.

Progression path:
  • Chilly chums
  • Passive Aggressive Pals
  • Enemies
  • Nemeses
  • Arch-Nemeses
More Than Friends with Benefits

Two friends explore a different kind of relationship.

Progression path:
  • Friends with Baggage
  • Touchy-Feely Friends
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Friends with Feels
  • More Than Friends with Benefits
Soundtrack of Soul

Two friends resonate over a love of music.

Progression path:
  • Musical Mates
  • Acoustic Appreciators
  • Hardcore Harmonizers
  • Enthusiastic Ensemble
  • Encorse Companions
Old Rivals

An old adversary returns.

Progression path:
  • Blasts from the Past
  • Renewed Rivals
  • Relentless Rivals
  • Poisonous Peers
  • Adversaries to the End
Raincheck, Please

Busy buds balance friendship with life.

Progression path:
  • Friends Again
  • Busy Buddies
  • Patchy Planners
  • Kinda Companions
  • Occasional BFFs
BFFs Forever

A tale of two besties.

Progression path:
  • Fast Friends
  • Buddies
  • Close Friends
  • Confidants
  • BFFs
A Missed Connection

A second chance to pursue romance.

Progression path:
  • Old Acquaintances
  • Flirtationship
  • Puppy Lovers
  • Committed Relationship
  • True Lovers
Two Peas in an Odd Pod

Two new friends agree to disagree.

Progression path:
  • Mismatched Pals
  • Judgy Buds
  • Comrades-at-Odds
  • Forgiving Friends
  • Unlikely Allies
Secret Crush

A secret crush on a friend leads to more.

Progression path:
  • Just Friends
  • Not-So-Secret Crush
  • More Than Just Friends
  • Sweethearts
  • Lovers
Geek Speak

Two geeks form an alliance.

Progression path:
  • Chic Geeks
  • Impassioned Enthusiasts
  • Convention Companions
  • Fanfiction Friends
  • Super Ultra Mega Besties
Misery Loves Company

A pessimistic pal provides a unique take on life.

Progression path:
  • Wet Blanket
  • Pessimistic Pal
  • Sad-Trombonist
  • Major Bummer
  • #1 Grump
Tainted Love

Sizzling passion? Prepare to get burned.

Progression path:
  • Slightly Toxic Sweethearts
  • On-Again Lovers
  • Never-Again Lovers
  • Drama Addicts
  • It's Complicated
Sports Buddies

Two buddies bond over a love of sports.

Progression path:
  • Fellow Spectator
  • Sports Buddies
  • Passionate Fans
  • Dreamteam Pals
  • Fantasy Friends
Art Aficionados

Artistic friends investigate a colorful mystery.

Progression path:
  • Art Admirers
  • Painting Pals
  • Amateur Appraisers
  • Art Mystery Buffs
  • Crafty Sleuths

Some love is meant to be.

Progression path:
  • Not-So-Secret Admirer
  • Sudden Sweethearts
  • Lovers
  • Completely Enamored
  • Soulmates

A friendship as cuddly as a cactus.

Progression path:
  • Basic Buddies
  • Caustic Companions
  • Truly Toxic
  • Sarcastic Saboteurs
  • Frenemies
The Fixer-Upper

Romance and charity don't mix.

Progression path:
  • New Sweethearts
  • Unquestionably Quirky
  • Flirty Fixer-Upper
  • Wise Compromisers
  • Unconditional Lovers
As you level up and unlock more areas and businesses you'll be able to just walk in and start new careers like it's nobody's business.

Your progression on any career will be saved, so you can hop between different careers as you like and you'll still easily be able to complete all of these story paths in time.
Like Nobody's Business

An ambitious administrator works hard to get to the top.

Progression path:
  • Admin Assistant
  • Campaign Cultivator
  • Junior Executive
  • Executive Vice President
  • Executive Senior VP of Executives
Trending Now

A daring designer pushes limits at a classic boutique.

Progression path:
  • Alterations Associate
  • Ensemble Adicionado
  • Makeover Master
  • Trendsetter
  • Fashion Icon
The Way of the Latte

A coffee novice discovers being a Barista isn't just a daily grind.

Progression path:
  • New Brewer
  • Barista's Apprentice
  • Latte Artisan
  • True Brewer
Hand-Knit Justice

An attorney takes on the defense in a high-profile case.

Progression path:
  • Legal Eagle
  • A+ Advocate
  • Deft Defender
  • Courtroom Champ
  • Defender in Demand
The Mystery Cure

A doctor dealing with an outbreak learns a shocking secret.

Progression path:
  • Medic on a Mission
  • Practitioner with a Purpose
  • Experimental Researcher
  • Top Secret Specialist
  • Hippocratic Hero
Out of the Frying Pan

A struggling restaurant needs your help.

Progression path:
  • Grill Gofer
  • Flavor Savior
  • Dish Whisperer
  • Umami Expert
  • Longshot Chef

An amateur DJ puts their own spin on club music.

Progression path:
  • Amateur Audiophile
  • Hooked on the Bass Line
  • Atmospheric Ace
  • Serious Spinner
  • Kind of a Big Deal
Hobbies have lots of new furniture and tasks hidden away behind them, and many of them are difficult to start, but there's plenty of rewards available if you're in this for the long term.

You'll start with cooking and will eventually learn the guitar and more, so check here for the methods you need to know to unlock all of the hobbies.
Six-String Fling

A new guitarist hopes to join a band.

Unlocked with: Level 11 and Guitar furniture

Progression path:
  • Fledgling Fretter
  • Kind of a Guitar Player
  • Wannabe Rockstar
  • Definitely a Guitar Player
  • Band Member
Now We're Cooking

A kitchen novice takes a bite out of a flavorful new hobby.

Unlocked with: Level 8 and Cooking furniture

Progression path:
  • Kitchen Canoodler
  • Griddle Twiddler
  • Flavor Trailblazer
  • Recipe Revolutionary
  • Cutting-Edge Cook
Tales from the Script

An aspiring writer battles the blank page.

Unlocked with: Level 13, Desk furniture

Progression path:
  • Pencil Pusher
  • Occasional Scribbler
  • Novice Novelist
  • Naturally Narrative
  • Inspired Author
Yay for Vinyasas!

A new yogi seeks enlightment [sic] and abs.

Unlocked with: Level 17, Yoga mat furniture

Progression path:
  • Yoga Poser
  • Mildly Bendy
  • Stretch Savvy
  • Zen Warrior
  • Entirely Enlightened
Play it Again, Sim

A new pianist goes from Chopsticks to Chopin.

Unlocked with: Piano Heirloom

Progression path:
  • Pian00b
  • Promising Plunker
  • Ivory Tickler
  • Accomplished Soloist
  • Do Re Mi Maestro

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Dave Aubrey 9 March 2018
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