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The Sims Mobile cheats and tips - Top tips for mastering your career

From NEET to class career
Product: The Sims Mobile | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
The Sims Mobile iPad, thumbnail 1
So you wanna be a career professional huh? It’s an admirable goal, you’ll be earning simoleons and making progress through story sequences, so it’s definitely a good idea.

The Sims Mobile has a bunch of career paths you can follow, and you’ll be slowly unlocking new items and methods for completing work as you go. Here we’ve got some fresh tips on picking a career that’s right for you.

With time you’ll be able to master every career path, and hopefully with this guide you’ll be able to get it done quickly, so read on to be a career master in The Sims Mobile.

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The energy for longer shifts

If you choose to complete longer shifts at work instead of quick shifts you can get more done and progress your career much more quickly, but the task will also take plenty of energy - often more than a full energy bar of 30.

Luckily you’ll get cupcakes in order to keep working longer shifts, and of course you can always retreat to the toilet or back to bed for a little while to top up on energy - thought this is best done before you start work, of course.

Take note of how much energy each task you perform at work requires, and work within your means. Of course, you can always switch to another character or even put the game down for a few minutes to earn some extra energy.

Don’t tie yourself down

There’s no reason to stay in the same job forever unless you’re desperate to complete that career path. Sure being a barista is fun, but wouldn’t you rather be a chef? Or… Well, something else? Anything else?

Luckily you certainly haven’t locked yourself out of any other career options, instead you can feel comfortable with leaving you career at any point to start another, and then return to it later on to complete the career story path.

Any upgrades you make to your workplace and abilities will still be there when you return. Of course, alternatively you can create a new sim and start a new career path with them instead.

Peaceful surroundings

You’ll be in your workplace a lot, so it’s a good idea to make the place as comfortable and homely as possible.

You’ll unlock exclusive furniture items relevant to your career for your workplace, and decorating the place will still contribute to your overall lifestyle quality, which is of course one of the overall goals of The Sims Mobile.

You’ll also get small bonuses to your productivity for decorating your surroundings, so it’s definitely worthwhile to invest some of your simoleons in some nicer surroundings.

Risky business

Certain tasks you can complete at work have a decent chance of failure, and I’ll tell you this now: don’t trust the meter which indicates the likelihood of your success.

Failure is far more likely than it will indicate, sadly, as I learnt when I succeeded in a single flambe attempt after six tries, despite a 55% likelihood of success.

Risky ventures are indicated by the smiley face with glasses, and will include showing off at the cost of three energy. You’ll progress more quickly through your career by succeeding, but the risk is certainly there.

Working on autopilot

So you’re hard at work, your shift isn’t even half finished, you’ve run out of energy, and you’re even low on cupcakes? A devastating situation, so what do you do?

Well, you can buy more cupcakes to keep playing at the cost of premium currency, which will keep you working away - though premium currency can be hard to accumulate here.

A better option frankly is just letting your sims complete the tasks themselves. Interacting with things at work isn’t actually necessary, it just speeds up the process.

If you leave the game in a background, you can complete a long shift in about three hours. This also means that if your sims are low on energy you can actually send them to work, and then just put the game down for a while.


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Dave Aubrey 8 March 2018
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