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Interesting pop-up book-style adventure title Tengami coming to iPad
by Anthony Usher 22/6/2012
Product: Tengami
Publisher: Nyamyam Games
Format: iPad
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
We've just stumbled across a forthcoming iPad title that looks rather interesting. It's called Tengami, and it's being developed by three ex-Rare employees: Philip Tossell, Jennifer Schneidereit, and Ryo Agarie.

Tengami, by the way, is a puzzle-filled adventure game that's styled after the pages of a pop-up book made from Japanese washi paper. Each of this game's scenes is presented as the double pages of one such book, and flip and move in and out as you progress.

In this adventure, you play as a yet-to-be-identified male character in a plot that's still very much under wraps. Your aim is to move your character through scenes by double-tapping on your device's screen, and solve the multitude of puzzles that are on offer.

That's about all we know right now, but the game's developer believes it'll take around three or four hours to make your way through the entire experience.

Tengami will hopefully be released by the end of this year.

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