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Save the deep blue sea in kids' iPad eco-adventure Superfugu
by Jon Jordan 6/5/2013
Product: Superfugu
Publisher: Wemolab
Format: iPad
Genre: Arcade
Coming over all Finding Nemo meets National Geographic, US start up Wemolab has released its eco-adventure game for kids Superfugu.

It has you in the gills of puffer fish Fugu, who's on a mission to save the reef from all manner of undersea enemies.

There are 16 levels in the game's first chapter, with further content - including the kelp bed, the Arctic, and the Deep - to be delivered via updates.

The learnings

Combined with its action gameplay, the app also tells you about the science of the sea with explanations from Dr Sylvia Earle, while Avatar's Oscar-winning animation director Andy Jones ensures the graphics are up-to-scratch.

Superfugu is out now for iPad and is free.

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