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The Megatome: A Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP walkthrough

A spoiler-laden walkthrough to all things sprites, moons and Trigons
Product: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP | Developer: Capy Games | Publisher: Capy Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP iPad, thumbnail 1
Welcome to the audio-visual adventuretainment of Sword & Sworcery, an epic lunar-style quest into Superbrothers's weird and wonderful world of sprites, spirits, and Trigons.

Sworcery is a game about adventure, discovery, curiosity, and play. You're invited to explore the world by touching and turning your iDevice, reading hints and exploring the pixel-art landscape before you. But if you do get stuck, Pocket Gamer has your back: welcome, to the Megatome.

This Sword & Sworcery guide contains a full walkthrough of the game, which will help you find all three Trigons, beat the game's toughest enemies, and even cause a time paradox to skip through the lunar cycle at your whim. It's seriously potent stuff.

Because this is such a whopping walkthrough, we've broken it up by Session. There are links to the other sessions at the bottom of this page.

Basic tips

Consult the (in-game) Megatome whenever you get stuck. While our guide will explain every step you need to take to beat the game, the Megatome - a beefy leatherbound book which you pick up later on - has massive hints and tips within its page. Leaf through it and read it carefully, before giving up and heading to this walkthrough

Walk fast by tapping exits. If you tap on a screen's exit (shown as little blue arrows on the ground), your hero will dash faster than usual. This is especially handy towards the end of the game, when you're chased by evil, shadowy guardian types.

Shake, tap, rotate, drag, hold. Sworcery is hands-on and very tactile, and you'll often need to make use of your gadget's accelerometer or touchscreen to get through a tricky puzzle.

Your shield can heal you. Hold your shield out for a good few seconds during a tricky fight (especially the epic battles against the Trigons) and a bubble will envelop the hero. Once it shrinks all the way, you'll get a heart back.

Shrooms heal you too. If you're not in a battle, mushrooms - plucked from the ground - will give you back all your health.

Without further ado, here's the complete step-by-stepĀ Sword & Sworcery walkthrough.

Session I


You'll be teleported onto a platform next to a field of grazing sheep. Double-tap on the path and continue along to the right.


Talk to the woodsman chopping wood. This is Logfella, and he'll be your pal, guide, and lucid-dreaming partner on this weird and wonderful questlet. Follow him up the road for a few screens.


Over a bridge, you'll come across your first enemy: a mangy old wolf. Turn your iPad on its side when prompted to attack.

This is a pretty easy one - the wolf will telegraph its attacks by crouching down, changing colour and making a noise. It will then lunge at you, and give you a chance to slash with your sword. Two hits will do it. Continue up the road.


You'll eventually stumble across a giant head-shaped rock with its mouth open, but no way to cross. Walk into the rainbow, turn your iPad on its side, and hold the 'sword' button to activate the bridge. Cross over it, and into the rock mouth.


Cross through the cave, emerge from the other side, and enter the temple. Walk through the dark and dingy corridor, past the ominous statue, and into the light.


You'll appear in a rocky clearing, with three giant doors on the top floor. Enter the middle one. Inside, enter the middle door again.


You'll find yourself in a dark room with some steps and a weird antler-sporting statue grasping a book. Walk up to it and use your sword to slash the book free. The guardian will awaken and chase you, so run like hell all the way back to Logfella.


In the corridor with the statue, the guardian will speed up and catch you. You'll enter a fight with a shadowy warrior - luckily, it's not too difficult. He'll telegraph the number of sword swings he's about to do by bashing his sword against his shield one, two, or three times.

Use your shield to defend against those attacks, and then hit him when he's dizzy. Three should do it.


Keep walking back to Logfella, and talk to him. Follow him back to his hut at the bottom of the mountain and enter the door to finish Session I.

Carry on to Session II
Leapfrog to Session III
Double-leapfrog to Session IV

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 31 March 2011
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