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Stick to It!

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone

Slightly sticky

Product: Stick to It! | Developer: Magic Pixel Games | Publisher: Magic Pixel Games | Format: iPad | Genre: Platform, Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Stick to It! iPad, thumbnail 1
Here in the UK, any adventurous plunge through the undergrowth during the warmer months will usually leave you with dozens of little green buds stuck to your clothing.

These things have amazing adhesive properties, and can be transferred from person to person to much ensuing hilarity and irritation.

Stick to It! essentially puts you in control of a sentient version of one of these buds.

Hey bud

Okay, so this bud is bright orange, and has a single giant eye and a fearsome set of teeth. But it's round and sticky. That much is similar.

The goal is to guide Spike, as he's known, back to his mum at the opposite end of the level. In order to roll back to mummy you must rely on good old-fashioned gravity and momentum.

The primary way to affect your course - and indeed the only mechanism in the whole game - is to stick to the surface you're touching by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen.

So you may need to roll down a long slope, then stick briefly right at the end in order to shave off the momentum that would otherwise see you flying into oblivion, before dropping serenely into your mother's arms.

Adhesive power

It's commendable how developer Magic Pixel has managed to string this simple mechanic out to some 80 levels. It achieves this by introducing variety through level design.

Conveyor belts, springy surfaces, teleporters, and more are gradually brought into the mix through each of the four themed worlds, forcing you to figure out increasingly complex and precarious routes to your goal.

Still, Stick to It! isn't the most thrilling or addictive casual physics game around, and it certainly doesn't move in the same circles as Cut The Rope or Where's My Water?

Waiting around for the key moment soon grows tiresome - especially when, inevitably, you miss your window of opportunity. It's also annoying that you can't take control of the camera and look around for the longer, more elaborate levels.

Stick to It! is a solid physics-puzzler with a decent, easy-to-comprehend, and reasonably fresh core mechanic. It's just that this core mechanic isn't quite thrilling enough to make you stick with it for long.
Stick to It!
Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy | 11 February 2013
Stick to It! is a competent and reasonably fresh casual physics game that probably won't stick with you for long
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