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Cipher Prime's puzzle-management title Splice will hit iPad next Thursday
by Mike Rose 22/8/2012
Product: Splice: Tree of Life
Developer: Cipher Prime
Publisher: Cipher Prime
Format: iPad
Genre: Puzzle
Cipher Prime is the king of ambient music-based puzzlers. We learnt this through our experiences with the likes of Pulse and Auditorium, and we're no doubt about to be given another lesson in puzzle-management via Splice.

Across each of Splice's levels, you're looking to balance organisms so that they fit into the provided spaces. You do so by grabbing parts off the organisms and fitting them on elsewhere.

It's not as simple as it sounds, however. First off, you have a set number of moves you can make. Secondly, some parts have special properties, such as being able to clone themselves or explode, taking other parts with them.

It's all about doing the maths, working out how many parts you're going to need, and piecing it all together in a neat and tidy way.

I've already played through the PC version of Splice, meaning I can highly recommend your grabbing the iPad version next Thursday.

We will, of course, have an iPad review of Splice up on the site next week, so make sure you check back in then.
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