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Siegecraft TD

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone


Product: Siegecraft TD | Developer: Blowfish Studios | Publisher: Crescent Moon Games | Format: iPad | Genre: Tower defence | Players: 1 | Networking: wireless (adhoc), on one device | Version: Europe
Siegecraft TD iPad, thumbnail 1
Siegecraft TD is unashamedly generic. It wears its lineage with pride, displaying all the hallmarks of the tower defence genre and rarely deviating from the template that so many other games adhere to.

But it does it all with such a high level of polish that it's difficult to complain. Sure, it's the same tower defence game you've played a hundred times before, but it's so well designed, and so well put-together, that you're not going to mind too much.

Siege mentality

The game follows a similar pattern to pretty much every other tower defence game you've played. A bunch of bad guys storm down various lanes towards your base and it's up to you to build a series of defensive towers to kill them before they get there.

To begin with you've only got access to simple ballista towers, but as you play you'll unlock ever-more powerful weapons. Some drop hot lava on your lizard-men foes, while others fire rocks and boulders, or entangle the attackers in sticky webs to slow them down.

Again, there's nothing new in the tower selection here, nor in the way you can spend the money you earn from killing on new towers or upgrades for the ones you've already installed.

However, Siegecraft TD does at least innovate in its multiplayer component. Here you fight it out for control of a number of provinces. As well as scrapping it out in tower defence sections, you need to invade and defend territory.

It makes for an interesting change of pace, and while it doesn't add much extra depth to the game, it certainly adds longevity.

Expertly crafted

If you dislike tower defence games, then Siegecraft TD will do nothing to convince you of their worth. Its unshakeable faith in the doctrines of the genre are, in a way, both its greatest strength and most obvious weakness.

Devotees will lap up what the game has to offer, eagerly battling one another across the multiplayer and challenging themselves with the added difficulty settings.

Everyone else will grunt something about having seen it all before, then shuffle off into the App Store to find something else to play.
Siegecraft TD
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 1 July 2013
A polished and precise tower defence title, Siegecraft TD does little to change the tested formula, but that's not too much of a bad thing
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Jul 2013
Post count:
Jasmin Stefano | 03:50 - 2 July 2013
Pretty addicting, so many strategies but it's far too slowly to unlock new towers with new abilities. Thanks for your review, and I has also got a helpful review from APPSGOER.