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Breakout-style PSN favourite Shatter heading to iPad in early 2013
by James Gilmour 7/12/2012
Product: Shatter
Developer: Sidhe Interactive
Publisher: PikPok Games
Format: iPad
Genre: Arcade, Conversion
Fans of mobile bat 'n' ball titles: rejoice!

Sidhe's acclaimed Breakout-style arcade puzzler Shatter will be heading to an iPad near you in early 2013.

Posting in the NeoGAF forums, Sidhe's co-founder Mario Wynands confirmed the iOS port of Shatter after a discussion about his involvement in the recently launched endless-runner Into the Dead.

Shatter was originally released on the PlayStation Network in 2009, and its slick reinterpretation of the bat 'n' ball genre drew praise from delighted brick bashers everywhere.

Shatter combines the neon sensibilities of Geometry Wars with inventive level design and gameplay-altering power-ups.

Levels vary in shape, with some stages playing out in circular arenas. Your bat (or 'paddle') can also project gusts of air to suck in power-boosting shards or alter the path of the ball.

This iOS port has been a long time coming - Wynands mentioned the possibility of Shatter hitting the App Store as far back as March 2010.

Shatter-resistant blower

Unfortunately for iPhone owners, Shatter will be an iPad-only affair. According to Wynands, "The game need a big redesign to get onto iPhone."

While you're waiting for Shatter to burst onto your iPad, check out the game's original PSN trailer (above). Now imagine playing that game with touchscreen controls. Now smile.

PSN version pictured above.
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