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Pocket Titans

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone


Product: Pocket Titans | Developer: Kumotion | Publisher: Kumotion | Format: iPad | Genre: Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Pocket Titans iPad, thumbnail 1
There's something almost overwhelmingly pleasant about Pocket Titans. Its blend of simple RPG and block-sliding puzzle isn't the most original idea ever, but the game is presented in such a warmhearted way that it's almost impossible to dislike.

It might miss a few steps here and there, and there might be balancing issues with some of the quests, but there's enough here to tax your grey matter and enough jokes and fantasy tropes to keep you playing.

Pocket sized

The game is all about leading a band of the titular Titans through a war-torn cartoon world, completing quests on the way to helping the King defeat an Orc horde. Each of these quests take place on a puzzle grid that you can slide around.

Your turns are split into two phases. First you need to position your Titans. You do this by moving the horizontal and vertical slices of the grid. You can only move a set number of them, though, so you need to think carefully and position your Titans wisely.

IAPs explained
You can buy Gold with real-life cash if you want to get the best gear quickly. There are three bundles to choose from.

The cheapest is £2.49 / $3.99 for 1,000, then £3.99 /$5.99 for 2,000, and £7.99 / $11.99 for 5,000.

They're fairly priced, but you're unlikely to find yourself eneding to reach for your wallet.
Next comes the attack phase. Your characters use whichever move is best in their current position, and the bad guys get a chance to retaliate. Then your enemy gets a go at moving the board before launching attacks of his own.

Each of your Titans has a different skill-set. The Warrior is better up close and personal, while the red mage is great at dealing damage but not great at taking it. There are rogues, dark magicians, healers, and rangers to add to your party too, and you need to consider each team-up carefully before you fight.

You'll find loot along the way, with the game automatically equipping the best garments and weapons. You can also buy new gear with the coins you earn with each fight, to ensure you're as tough as possible for the big scraps.

Titanic proportions

There might be tougher puzzle games, and more engaging RPG experiences on the App Store, but the way Pocket Titans mashes together its inspirations makes for an engaging and entertaining experience.

It gets a little repetitive, and there are some levels where, depending on the combination of characters you take in with you, things can feel like an awful grind, but there's enough going for Pocket Titans that it's worth checking out.
Pocket Titans
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 22 October 2013
A nice blend of styles and ideas, Pocket Titans isn't perfect, but it is a lot of good-natured fun
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Sep 2013
Post count:
Aerys | 19:47 - 30 October 2013
Nice game, but a little short. No need for IAPs, and I really like that the characters level up even if you are not using them.