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Overkill 2

For: iPad   Also on: Android, iPhone

Miss this gun show

Product: Overkill 2 | Publisher: Craneballs Studios | Format: iPad | Genre: Action | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Overkill 2 iPad, thumbnail 1
Overkill 2 has a pathological obsession with firepower. Every action you perform is designed to increase your collection of gleaming, super-powered weaponry.

Pawing through your catalogue of rotatable, pornographically three-dimensional shooters gives you a sense of how Jeremy Clarkson must feel at a motor show, or how a schoolboy feels when he finds a certain kind of magazine in a hedge.

But, as with those periodicals, the relationships you forge with your guns are paradoxically deeper on the page than in real life. Take them to the shooting range and they turn out to be shallow and meaningless, and they leave you feeling a little bit dirty.

Extended barrel

This is a game about shooting things. Lots of things. All of the things, in fact. You're stuck in one spot, your gun of choice hovering in front of you. A stick at the bottom-left of the screen lets you aim, and a button at the bottom-right lets you fire.

IAPs explained
There are two currencies in Overkill 2: Overkill Medals and Overkill Coins. Both of them can be spent on weapons and equipment, but Overkill Medals can also be used to gamble on packs of goodies.

The cheapest pack of coins is £1.99 and gets you 20,000, enough for a well-equipped machine gun. The most expensive is £34.99 and gets you 420,000, which will set you up for most of the game.

100 medals costs £1.99, with the most expensive pack costing £34.99 and getting you 2,100.

Unless you're willing to grind most of your life away, you'll need to throw some cash down to get the best weapons. It's not really worth it, though.
Armoured terrorists wander in from the left and right, aiming their own hand cannons in your direction. Kill one and a bar at the top-left of the screen fills up a little. Once you've filled up this murder counter you've completed a wave and you get given some cash and goodies.

You spend this cash on adding bits to your gun - a barrel here, a larger magazine there - to increase the damage you do. You're stuck with a weedy little pistol to begin with, and you'll need to grind for a good long while if you don't want to spend anything on IAPs to increase your coffers.

The extent to which Overkill 2 worships firearms is encapsulated by the screenshot function in the upgrade screen. Pose your new gun at a sexy angle, tap a couple of buttons, and you'll grab an image to show off to your friends and fellow sociopaths.


The problem is that actually using your glistening metallic hand blasters is really rather dull. There are three levels with 20 waves each, but the game gets repetitive after about eight minutes, leaving you shooting away at the same goons to gain XP and more bling for your guns.

If you enjoy games with a fetishistic focus on weaponry then you'll probably find a lot to like in Overkill 2. What you won't find is a coherent and entertaining shooter - just a trudge through a quagmire of generic terrorists that gets dull far too quickly.
Overkill 2
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 5 April 2013
For all of Overkill 2's obsession with weaponry, there isn't enough of an actual game in here to keep you interested
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Jan 2014
Post count:
Reda Jabbare | 14:59 - 11 January 2014
Apr 2013
Post count:
Petr R?ži?ka | 09:52 - 10 April 2013
It took me 12 hours to finish this game (beat all the hellwaves) and I still dont have the best equip + they introduced new real time missions and working on new contect. Eight star for me, instant favorite
Jul 2012
Post count:
@RaveofRavendale | 09:24 - 10 April 2013
Love this pair of comments. You idiots Pocket Gamer, you've rated it too high! You idiots Pocket Gamer, you've rated it too low! You idiots Pocket Gamer, stop having your own opinions!
Apr 2013
Post count:
Kasper Kalee | 09:06 - 10 April 2013
A 5 is far to low.
Yes the game have a lot of bugs, and yes it is a simple shooter.
But danm the peeps at Craneballs did it well. I bought Mordern combat 3 an 4 and I (think) I enjoy this game more.
The weapon models looks DELICIOUS, the character models are cool.
The atmopshere in this game is really nice.
The gunplay is enjoying but somewhat repatative.
Almost EVERY mobile game is repatative, so what?!

That is direct my frustration,
I see in a lots reviews that the reviewers mention that the game is not interesting enough for the long term. It is a mobile game, for short gameplay sessions, for the lost minutes. Stop mention it in EVERY review.
And STOP generating the score on the gameplay duration.
Maybe it is handy to mention it somewere in the review but not to generate the score of the game around it.
Plus the fact that I love those short bursts of exitement instead of deep, heavy games that takes 60 minutes before I even understand the core of the game.

I think a 5 is to low!
Give it a 6 and a half and note that the game is stil in full production.

Aug 2012
Post count:
Stanley Derochea | 20:42 - 6 April 2013
A 5 is quite generous, rate it what it should be. I've tried this and it deserves a 2 or 3 at most