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Mushroom Wars

For: iPad

Not mushroom for experiment

Product: Mushroom Wars | Developer: i-Free | Publisher: i-Free | Format: iPad | Genre: Action, Strategy | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Mushroom Wars iPad, thumbnail 1
Mushroom Wars is a game about numbers. It might have cute cartoon graphics and a sensible touchscreen interface, but it boils down to performing quick sums here and there to ensure that your side in the fungi conflict comes out victorious.

For some, that's going to be fine, but if you look for a bit more depth from your RTS games then you're going to end up disappointed.

While there are strategies to devise and plans to form, often the only way to win is by swamping your enemy.

Fun guys to be around

IAPs explained
Mushroom Wars doesn't have any currencies or boosts you can buy to change the way the battle goes, but you can buy all of the levels in campaign mode.

The one-off purchase costs £6.99, and unlocks all of the battles in the campaign, letting you pick and choose the order you play through them.

It's a bit steep for content that you could just unlock naturally, but if you get stuck on a level it's an easy way to get past it.
Each map you fight on is made up of a series of different buildings. Some of these belong to you, some of them belong to the opposing team, and some of them are neutral. These dwellings and watchtowers act as spawn points and objectives.

Inside each building sit your soldiers. As time passes their numbers swell and you can send them out to conquer the buildings held by the opposing side. To begin with the numbers are on display, but as you play through the game that luxury disappears.

So you'll work out the odds, figure out whether or not your own buildings are vulnerable, then send out a force to attempt to kick down the doors and take over. You control that force by sliding a finger from one of your buildings to the one you'd like to vandalise.

As the game progresses different building types crop up that fire out projectiles to stop an advance, and you'll need to keep an eye on the morale of your troops as well. You'll get a slider too that lets you choose what percentage of your warriors to send out into battle.

Mushroom clouds

While the gameplay is pretty simple, there's a problem in that most battles after the first few levels descend into push and counter-push, with no side able to gain the upper hand. Spend too long upgrading your buildings to produce more men and your opponents will swamp you. Spend too little and you won't have a strong enough force to defend anything.

It's a battle of attrition, and there's no real way to break through. Outflanking or using special units to break a siege isn't possible, so you're left to tot up numbers and wait until things look like they're stacked in your favour.

Mushroom Wars isn't a bad game, and there's plenty of content to get your teeth into, with more to come. Later levels in particular start to add more spice to proceedings, but it's a slog to get there.

In the end, Mushroom Wars's focus on the numerical doesn't leave enough room for anything else to shine through.
Mushroom Wars
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 25 January 2013
A fun and simple RTS game, Mushroom Wars lacks the spark needed to really recommend it
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