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Culture an army in forthcoming iPad fungal RTS Mushroom Wars
by James Gilmour 18/1/2013
Product: Mushroom Wars
Developer: i-Free
Publisher: i-Free
Format: iPad
Genre: Action, Strategy
The Mushroom Wars are here.

Don't worry, though: your vegetable patch isn't about to rise up and try to annex your living room.

No, this fungal uprising comes in the form of former PlayStation Network hit and soon-to-be iPad game Mushroom Wars.

Having won plenty of accolades for its colourful and charming entry into the RTS genre, Creat Studios is about to bring that same streamlined attack-and-defend mechanic to the touchscreen market.

In essence, Mushroom Wars is not a million miles away from minimal RTS Eufloria. As in Eufloria, you must use your forces in Mushroom Wars to capture a number of territories, while simultaneously fighting off waves of aggressors.

In the case of Mushroom Wars, however, your troops are made up of mushrooms warriors rather than space seedlings. Oh, and the territories are fungus villages; not asteroids.

The stripped-down nature of this particular breed of strategy game suits touchscreen devices down to the ground. We can only hope, then, that the Mushroom Wars team has been able to take advantage of the iPad's strengths with this iOS translation.

Extra toppings

In addition to Mushroom Wars's 27 missions, iPad gamers will get a comic-style storyline, as well as weekly high score challenges (involving their Facebook friends).

You'll be able to find out whether Creat Studios has delivered the goods when Mushroom Wars sprouts on iPad on January 24th. Yep, next Thursday.

Prospective buyers will need to have £1.99 / $2.99 handy when it springs up on the App Store.
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