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App Army Assemble: Kill 'em All - Do you want to?

Product: Kill 'em All | Developer: Revolutionary Concepts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Shooter
Kill 'em All iPad, thumbnail 1
In a world that's gone to poop, you have to team up with a bunch of bros and battle mythical creatures. No, not in real life - in Kill 'em All.

It's a multiplayer arena battler. You and a few friends pick a character from eight choices, then battle in a tournament to the death. You're a gunslinger, so you have to try and kill them before they kill you.

But is it any good? We asked the App Army just that, and here's what they had to say.

Sangeet Shukla

The fastest person to fire a gun on the call of fire wins the duel. That's the game. I'm disappointed because it's a premium game but there's nothing new.

Actually I find it too limited in terms of modes. There's only local multiplayer, no leaderboards, and the graphics are poor. I can't even try the multiplayer part as no one else has it. 

If it was free then it might be worth a try, but as it stands I can't recommend it.

Raul Figueiredo

This straightforward little game clearly draws inspiration from good old Western duels. It demands you be an attentive and effective gunslinger with fast reflexes.

I dig the art of the game and the arena design - it's sombre but at the same time, funny because of the blocky characters. It's clear that the gameplay is intended to be simple and I thought the way it played with my anticipation for the next shot was well-executed.

However, I fear that the game could use a little more variety to keep the player engaged for longer: more arenas are imperative, as well as an option to choose your character and customise it.

More distracting sounds are welcome too, as well as an extra mode where shots are much faster but, on the other hand, you could perform quick dodges to the left or right and activate the protective shield from time to time.

This new mode would still use the same anticipation that you introduced, as well as keeping the aftermath more tactical and just plain crazy, as each player tried to predict their opponent's next move in between furious shots, desperate dodges and stressful last-second shield activations.

In sum, it's a nice little game that could use some more work.

Owen Buck

When I first installed Kill 'em All I thought this is awful, I have no idea what's going on. No instructions at all. The gameplay is so basic it's laughable. But that turned out to be a good thing.

Sure there are much, much better games out there to spend your money on, but it's not too bad.

Basically it's a test of nerves. You have to duel with each opponent, but you can't shoot until the referee shouts 'FIRE!'. That's where the charm of the game lies. The tension builds each time the referee utters 'HOLD!' - you can hear it in his voice.

If that's not bad enough there are coughs and sneezes in the background just waiting to set off your itchy trigger finger. Graphically it's nothing new - blocky characters that are a bit old hat now - all a bit clichéd.

To be great what this game needed was a hook. With such simple gameplay it needed to shine. Some awesome graphics, characters, animation. Something.

You can grab Kill 'em All on the App Store or Google Play right now.

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Reviewer photo
Chris James 19 May 2017
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