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Here's a massive list of all the decent iOS and Android games that have been updated for Halloween

Product: Junk Jack X | Developer: Pixbits | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
It's Halloween, and we all know what that means – it's time for everything on the App Store to get a tangentially spooky update.

Spooky birds. Spooky guns. Spooky spooky.

Because we like you, and your penchant for pumpkins, we've made a list of some of the note-worthy games that have been updated for this most macabre of celebrations.

So don't come and throw eggs at our house. That'd be really mean.

Mucho Party

Mucho Party has gone the whole nine yards with its spooky update, changing the name of the game to Mucho Halloween Party.

It adds a new pumpkin avatar, two new games, and sprinkles spooky accoutrements throughout the rest of the experience too.

Jack B. Nimble

The retro platformer has been updated with a new level, a new character, and some creepy music to put you in the Halloween mood.

There's a Halloween palette swap on the new level, and obviously the new character has a pumpkin for a head. Because reasons.

Worms 3

The invertebrate blaster has stuck some scary new twists into its impressive tactical shooting. New hats let you scare your opponent, although whether it means that in a practical sense remains to be seen.

You can toss pumpkins at your foes, the graves that mark dead worms are scarier, and there's a new icon and menu too.


The bouncy sort-of platformer is already pretty spooky, but the Halloween update adds a hefty chunk of extra creeps.

There's ten new levels, 30 new missions, the obligatory pumpkin-headed character to play in multiplayer, a Halloween competition, and a new theme.

Plunder Pirates

The big shiny mid-core strategy title has been updated with a giant wodge of scary stuff. Like pirates weren't scary enough already.

There's a bunch of events, a button that lets you spookify the lighting, and apparently Frankenbrutenstein has been released. So there you go.

Junk Jack X

Side-on explore and build-'em-up Junk Jack X has received a mighty chunky update. So mighty we've already written about it in its own article.

It basically adds a load of new Halloween things that you can build and place to make everything that little bit spookier.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Remember when Crazy Taxi: City Rush got taken over by Hulk Hogan? Well it's still being taken over by Hulk Hogan, but now Hulk Hogan is all scary and Halloweenified.

That essentially means the ex wrestler is dressed for the occasion, via the medium of a pumpkin, and there are some new decorations you can add to your cars. There's a zombie driver too by the sounds of things.

Fruit Ninja

Rather than celebrating ghosts, Fruit Ninja is out to bring an end to them with an update that celebrates 30 years of Ghostbusters.

You get a proton pack, a dojo built around a river of slime, and some Ghostbusters-related fruit. Synergy.


The free to play shooter has stuffed a whole bunch of exciting Halloween things into its seasonal update.

There's a stake gun, a spookier version of the Sandtown map, and a whole host of other cosmetic and not-so cosmetic bits and bobs you can grab.

Clumsy Ninja

Slightly weird ragdoll poker Clumsy Ninja has added three new costumes to celebrate all them witches swooping around and what not.

Obviously there's a pumpkin head, but there's also an invisible ninja, and one that turns your character into a skeleton. Dark.

Plants vs Zombies 2

PvZ2 has a pretty hefty spooky-day update. There are four new plants and six new zombies. That's like ten new things.

Then there are some costumes in the Lawn of Doom Piñata Parties. Whatever in the hell that means. I'm sure it's great.

Scribblenauts Remix

The scribbly puzzle platformer has got a few new bits to make sure you don't forget that it's Halloween. Because that would be awful.

There's a Halloween themed playground, and a monster avatar pack that lets you dress up as a Cyclops, a Goth, a Skeleton, a Warrior, and more.


The robot-y maze follower has added a new Halloween-y character to its line-up to celebrate everyone's favourite death-based holiday.

I haven't seen it, but I'm going to guess that it's a pumpkin. Because everything is a pumpkin. Are you a pumpkin? Probably.

Bad Piggies

And the award for the best pun on the list goes to Bad Piggies for its 'From Tusk 'till Dawn' update. That's pretty darn good.

The update adds 30 new levels with loads of new challenges. Apparently there's lots of cake, and a Major Lazer remix too.

Reviewer photo
Harry Slater 27 October 2014
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