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Infinite Warrior

For: iPad   Also on: iPhone

Endless war

Product: Infinite Warrior | Developer: Empty Flask Games | Publisher: Empty Flask Games | Format: iPad | Genre: Action, Endless running, Fighting | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Infinite Warrior iPad, thumbnail 1
The endless-runner genre has given birth to numerous different styles, from side-on sprinters to 3D zombie smashing car driving titles. And now you can add hyper-violent fantasy slashers to that list as well.

Infinite Warrior is a game that's all about murdering as many people as you can, all in the name of truth and justice. It's a blood-soaked experience, but one that's ultimately made frustrating by painfully inept input recognition.

Running through

You play the titular war hero, who's sent tramping across the world because of an invasion by the forces of darkness. To that end, you'll need to butcher waves of henchmen in a variety of expertly animated, gruesome ways.

The only input you need to make to execute these kills is a swipe. An arrow pops up on the screen to tell you which way you need to drag a finger, and as long as you perform the requisite motion quickly enough you'll stick your sword into the squishy bits of an oncoming foe.

Bags of cash and potions lurk in the background, much like they do in Infinity Blade, and tapping on them adds them to your coffers. You get coins for each kill, and for completing waves.

You can spend these on on-one off shield, helm, and sword upgrades that give you head starts and boosts to your score-accumulating bouts of Bloodlust mode, or on suits of armour that reduce the number of hits you have to score to trigger said Bloodlust mode.

Endless frustration

The problem is, sometimes the game just doesn't recognise your swipes, leaving you to be stabbed to death despite sliding your finger across the screen at the right time. It's incredibly frustrating, and happens often enough to make you seriously consider quitting.

It's a shame, because there's a lot of promise here. The animations in particular are fabulous, with each crunching blow more than capable of eliciting a wince.

But when you're dying on a regular basis through no fault of your own, whatever enjoyment the game might have been able to give is utterly overshadowed by frustration.
Infinite Warrior
Reviewer photo
Harry Slater | 11 September 2012
In spite of its classy graphical flourishes, Infinite Warrior is too frustrating to really recommend
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