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Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder

For: iPad   Also on: Android, iPhone

A polished relic

Product: Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder | Developer: TwinSky Games | Publisher: TwinSky Games | Format: iPad | Genre: Endless running | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder iPad, thumbnail 1
To use a fitting analogy, Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder is like that skilful sword fighter from the first Indiana Jones film - the chap Indy disposes of with a single lazy gunshot.

Very flashy and undoubtedly impressive in its own way, but essentially outdated and fatally ineffectual when stacked up against its street-smart rivals.

Rock and roll

First impressions are pretty spectacular. In a neat twist, you effectively play as the rolling boulder in that memorable Indiana Jones prologue.

Our familiar (though not officially endorsed) fedora-wearing adventurer has pinched a sacred artefact, and it's up to you to bear down on him and crush his scarpering bones.

It's all rendered in a delightfully Minecraft-esque retro-3D world filled with chunky blocks and charming Lego characters.

The level settings are nicely varied too, at first glance. Moving swiftly on from the Mayan temple you'll find yourself hopping over to Persia, then to Egypt, before ending up in a gaudy Chinese temple.

Too old for this

Scratch this shiny surface, though, and Indiana Stone is as dusty and archaic as the relics our Indy-a-like is hunting.

It's a Temple Run-aping 3D endless-runner with snazzy trousers on, essentially. You tilt your iOS device left and right to evade obstacles (such as swinging log traps and flame jets) and tap the screen to jump.

Yep, just like every other endless-runner out there.

You can also initiate a temporary speed boost once you've squished enough creatures, which is admittedly quite empowering.

End is in sight

In actual fact, Indiana Stone isn't an endless-runner at all. It has a clearly defined structure, which does at least mark it out from its contemporaries.

Once you've caught up with Indy a couple of times, neatly ridding him of all of his lives, he'll scarper on to the next level. Repeat for each of these temples and you'll finish the game, unlocking a new difficulty level and a new form of boulder with slightly different handling attributes.

Whether you'll feel impelled to play through again is another matter entirely. The simple fact is that while Indiana Stone tries something a little different to the usual Temple Run clones, it simply isn't as much fun to play as the likes of Agent Dash.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder, we can't help feeling that it's trying to disguise its deeply generic roots behind a pretty art style and some amusing gimmicks.
Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder
Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy | 11 April 2013
Indiana Stone is witty and attractive, but at its heart it's a fairly uninspired and unremarkable endless-runner
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