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[Update] EA has soft-launched Heroes of Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper for Android

In Canada, Australia, and some other places (Updated: Dungeon Keeper now on iOS, too)

Product: Heroes of Dragon Age | Developer: EA Capital Games | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Genre: RPG | Networking: wireless (network)
For: iPad   Also on: Android, iPhone
Heroes of Dragon Age iPad, thumbnail 1
Updated on October 16th, at 09:45: EA has now soft-launched Dungeon Keeper on iOS in Canada, too.

So, if you're lucky enough to live in the Frozen North, you can find out whether or not the shift to free-to-play has been detrimental to the game before the rest of us.

Original story follows...

EA has soft-launched two of its big-hitting upcoming iOS and Android games, Heroes of Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper, on Google Play in Canada, Singapore, Australia, and a number of other countries.

Both of the games are free-to-play, and both of them represent the mobile debuts of their respective series.

Heroes of Dragon Age is all about building up a party of powerful heroes and enlisting the help of a dragon as you battle through historic events in the timeline of the continent of Thedas.

It's very much in the card battler mode, with little interaction once the scraps start. You need to set your formations and choose your warriors carefully if you want to succeed.

There's plenty of Dragon Age lore here. At the moment, though, we're not quite sure whether there's much of an actual game to back it up.

Dungeon Keeper is a free-to-play re-imagining of the classic strategy game. You take control of the denizens of a subterranean lair and need to build up your dungeon empire to repel attacks.

You have to build traps to protect the heart of your dungeon from your enemies, use your imps to build new workshops, and bash down walls to expand your realm.

As you'd expect, there are wait timers you can banish by spending some premium currency. It does look, however, as if the dev has managed to capture the dark humour of the original PC games here.

Dungeon Keeper and Heroes of Dragon Age should be out on the App Store and globally on Google Play in the not-too-distant future.

We will, of course, keep you updated as soon as we know anything else about these two games.

Reviewer photo
Harry Slater 16 October 2013
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Oct 2013
Post count:
@changerald | 18:49 - 21 October 2013
It's out in Singapore, here's my review - http://geekculture.co/dungeon-keeper-returns-on-mobile/
Aug 2010
Post count:
Funem | 11:12 - 16 October 2013
Soft launches annoy me, mostly as they never soft launch in the UK :( the delay between soft launch and world wide seems to be getting longer. Plants vS Zombies 2 is a good example of a long drawn out soft launch on android.

Pirates are plying these games all over the world...... but we wait.... ah well...
Jan 2013
Post count:
William Hartman | 15:33 - 14 October 2013
Both Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper take out the elements that made the original game(s) so involving and great... the interaction. I don't want my battles fought for me based on some damn cards. I don't want my dungeon pre-designed with timers and IAP's thrown on top to slow it down and dumb it down even more.

The fun of the original Dungeon Keeper was NOT buying traps to place in pre-designated locations on a fixed-layout dungeon!

Dragon Age is NOT about paying/grinding for cards and watching a crap cut scene play out for you!

Then again, kids will play just about anything on mobile, it seems, that is "free". Mobile is, in a lot of ways, really destroying GAMEPLAY with this freemium bullshit.

Some get a nice balance struck, but it is rare and Plants Vs Zombies really isn't that deep of a game anyhow. Maybe it works for dumbed down time wasters to play on a train commute to work, it sure as HELL hasn't worked well in the vast majority of deeper, more involved games that have tried to go this route (Dungeon Hunter, anyone?)
Apr 2013
Post count:
Tony Zhang | 14:19 - 14 October 2013
i have made a first-look preview http://www.appsgoer.com/2013/10/11/first-look-heroes-of-dragon-age/
Aug 2013
Post count:
Mothreja Jay | 12:00 - 14 October 2013
R.I.P Dungeon Keeper :(
There goes one of the greatest and best TD title down the EA drain.

F2P money grab. So called "remastered" graphics. And soft launch with stupid no good Heroes Of Dragon Age?

//_-) This sucks.
Jun 2013
Post count:
mw1 | 11:14 - 14 October 2013
Krzysztof Gnutek, why don't we try it out before we diss it? Who knows, you might enjoy it enough to overlook the IAP/freemium stuff... I enjoyed PvsZ2, the Blockheads, Real Racing 3, and First Touch Soccer 2014 and they were all f2p. I only bought some IAP for BH and FTS.. =)
Sep 2013
Post count:
Krzysztof Gnutek | 11:06 - 14 October 2013
Dungeon Keeper Free to Play? R.I.P. legend :(