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[Update] New iPad adventure Here Be Monsters HD is a mixture of Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Farmville
by Chris Priestman 2/4/2014
Product: Here Be Monsters HD
Publisher: Gamesys
Format: iPad
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Updated on April 2nd 2014, at 15:00: What we didn't notice regarding the launch of Here Be Monsters HD was that it's currently only available in the UK and Canada.

So, if you were wondering why you couldn't find it on your local App Store, now you know.

We've since learnt that Here Be Monsters HD will be going live worldwide on iPad on April 18th.

Original story follows...

Popular free-to-play browser game Here Be Monsters has just wandered onto iPad. Guess what? It's been given the HD treatment.

Those of you still searching for an Animal Crossing or Pokemon fix on iOS will want to pay attention here.

Here Be Monsters HD is a mixture of both of those games, you see. Plus, there's a bit of Farmville in there for good measure.

After creating your character, you'll join the Ministry of Monsters and learn how to trap the likes of the Loch Ness Monster, Yetis, mermaids, and gnomes.

In order to save the world and become the ultimate Trapper, you'll have to travel around the globe. Yep, from the jungles of Brazil to the icy tundras of Norway. All of it.

Here Be Monsters HD

On your way around, you'll need to collect fruits, fish, and flowers to prepare better traps, which will bag you rarer and tougher monsters.

Those monsters will be handy for completing the 600 quests on offer, as well as the others that are added every two weeks.

Here Be Monsters HD features online cross-platform play, so you can import your characters over from the browser version.

You can download Here Be Monsters HD for free from the App Store right this second.
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