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Help Volty

For: iPad

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Product: Help Volty | Developer: Tvndra | Format: iPad | Genre: Adventure | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Help Volty iPad, thumbnail 1
It's not often that you fall in love with a bug. For every cute cockroach like the one from WALL-E there are a billion creepy crawlies that you wouldn't hesitate to squish under the heel of your shoe.

But Volty - a golden-shelled, bug-eyed beetle with some kind of tiny electrified backpack - is definitely one of the good guys.

He's been trapped inside some cryptic puzzle box, and you've got to help him get through a handful of single-screen rooms. These are essentially simplified 'escape the room'-style adventures, but viewed from a bird's-eye perspective.

Bug's Life

The puzzles on offer are generally creative and imaginative. Volty might have to play a ditty on a series of bells, fire tiny cannonballs from a peashooter cannon, ride a clockwork choo choo train to bypass a laser, escape a mechanical bug, or recruit an even tinier insect to help him escape.

Help Volty isn't especially hard, but it can be one of those games - like The Tiny Bang Story or The Room - that are fun to solve in a communal fashion, with friends all offering their harebrained solutions.

But implementing those solutions is never so easy. Puzzles can be frustrating - Volty moves extremely slowly, for example, so any level where you need to outrun a whirring beetle-like automaton is more frustrating than it needs be.


That's all compounded by a needlessly complicated lives system. You get about three goes at any puzzle, and if you mess up you have to replay the level before it.

Seeing as Volty's charms are almost exclusively about coming up with solutions rather than implementing them, having to redo a solved stage is a real chore.

Help Volty is also not a long game. You'll probably take about an hour to finish it all off. There's not much incentive to ever play it again, either.

Despite its faults, I can't help but admire Help Volty. This is a charming little game with a tremendous art style and a haunting, atmospheric score. It's got clever puzzles, and - by the end - it somehow makes you care about the fate of a creepy crawly.

But it's a little too easy to answer puzzles, a little too tough to implement the solutions, and the end comes far too soon.
Help Volty
Reviewer photo
Mark Brown | 30 November 2012
Help Volty is a charming, engrossing little puzzle game, but one that comes with a few disappointments and frustrations
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Apr 2013
Post count:
Steve George | 16:32 - 23 September 2014
"That's all compounded by a needlessly complicated lives system.."

The lives system has been changed... coins can be found in every level so you don't have to replay the level before it...


Steve George
Dec 2012
Post count:
@deadlyseriousm | 14:41 - 3 December 2012
Help Volty was one of the most engaging games I've played in some time. Love the art, the music, the story, and most of all the gameplay! A definite must have!
Dec 2012
Post count:
creativeapps | 09:37 - 2 December 2012
Help Volty is one of the best puzzle game ever I played. I have tried dozens of point and click adventure games, and none come close to this one. Its provides hours of challenging brain-stimulating entertainment. Great logical puzzle, beautiful graphics and music with unique concept. Completely disagree with those that say it's too short. I spent 3-4 hours. What do you want for .99? It is a must buy. My favorite of all time and I am waiting for your next one.
Dec 2012
Post count:
Ungertje | 00:52 - 2 December 2012
Give me more,Tvndra-guys!!!
I agree: it might not be the longest game available but it sure is one of the most beautifull,and it kept me busy for a long time( 1 hour???,you must be a clever dude!)
Whenever I started it up my adrenaline went through the roof instantly.the fact that you can be bumped down a level if you fail makes it even more thrilling.
And even though I finished this game a while ago,I still go back now and again to those amazing boxes and replay them,just to admire the artwork and to
enjoy the "feel"
Dec 2012
Post count:
LandoB | 12:08 - 1 December 2012
This is a true gem! Original gameplay that makes you think (there is no handholding), atmospheric graphics and excellent music.
The 'secrets' you can find keep me playing the game, I want them all!
In my opinion, a real must-have!
Nov 2012
Post count:
Mrcs_85 | 22:50 - 30 November 2012
Great write up, but having played it I must say I do not agree on some things. I wouldn't call the life/coin system complicated, you complete a level, you get 3 tries for the next, simple IMHO. Also, I am willing to admit that it took me way way longer than an hour :) I think it is still a whole lot of beautiful fun crammed in just 99ct.
Aug 2012
Post count:
Kbrpilot | 22:02 - 30 November 2012
Sounds like an interesting game.